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A semi-fictional account of two dudes dating,
a.k.a. An episodic collection of adventures, stories, and experiences.

(It's a redone version of a comic I started last year).

Contains BL.
Updates sporadically due to laziness.


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@Follinette: I'm glad someone did. ^_^
Pet-parenting done right I guess ? x)
I recognized Starcraft ! /o/
- Tache loves Starcrab but really sucks at it.
- Naith learns how to play games very quickly.
- Nukes do terrible, terrible damage.
- Bird loves destroying bread.
They're so cute!
@pechaberry: Maybe they'll just sparkle.
@Drew weis: Yep. I've always thought they had more in common with zombies than vampires, though.
and then the sun came up
A Jiangshi? A hopping vampire?
@IronDog: Indeed. A bird with teeth is pretty spooky.
well that was adorable.
Next page, let's see their killing spree
Nice !
@Ilovelukey: lol, definitely an AU.
Happy Halloween! <|:^)
Ooh, curiouser and curiouser.
Your boyfriend's bird drawings are very fitting for a month typified by spooky critters X3
I'm sorta lost since there's not much words in this epic comic. But is this an au or the same plot but years after?
@Kecoleo: :)