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There's a wolf in this herd of sheep...

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Oh my...
NOOOOO the feels right away omg!!!!
Furries!!!!! <3
oh dear
December 9th, 2014
Oh god..... ._.
life begins, life ends.... easy mistake to make

beautimus work kittay
Run Bun bun run... lol bey bey bun bun
@Nukaheartstring: I was hoping the glowy edges would insinuate a flash back sequence, guess I'll have to figure out something better lol. I'm sad I had to display it as mature so early on haha
Well thats a way to start a comic lol Beautiful art work. I was a little confused a bit to as one second they are in a home/shop area and then the next she's dying in the forest XD
Why oh why
So looks like I ran into trouble when I got to the digital forest background. This is my 4th attempt at a decent one. Now that THAT'S over with... comic updates should come at least once a week.