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Magic Ennui Sparkle

Hey, buddy. Sit down for a minute.
Let's talk about Magical Girls.


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i didn't remember this and just reread it all. v nice
October 13th, 2019
Sidequest Log's first chapter is up and it will update weekly going forwards

Hot Dog.
This made me laugh so hard.
@heigei: haha, thanks! And thanks for the comments, it's great hearing people's reactions when they're reading.
aaaaaa noo I loved this so much dkfkfk but ill check the other one out
honestly this comic was great, def a fav
omg being a former outsourced call center agent I relate to this, i wish I was a magical girl instead
oh same
8> 8^y
I love this page lmao <3
@Rethy: Yeah, i remember that one:

Pretty good stuff...
The End
Probably for real this time. Thanks for reading.

Similar to last time, I am planning on resurrecting my other comic, in a few months, but don't look at it too closely now because those pages are 2 years old and were rushed back then and I wanna edit them before getting back into things.

No promises on exact timing for that since I want to give myself a break and tackle some other projects first.
If you haven't already, check out my tumblr because it has other art/comics/projects and will have updates for whatever I work on next.

Thanks again!

Yeah, i guessed it was because of something like that...
@Golb989: Yeah, they tried changing the terms of service about a month ago and don't have the greatest history of respecting creators, so I figured it was safest to just skeddadle.
I see you also removed your series from Tapas... .gif

(That or you renamed both it and yourself, but i highly doubt that's the case)
The End
"That's all folks!"

@Golb989: Not a bad idea.
Is it obvious I haven't used these sites in over a year?
Incidentally, you might want to update the comic's cover to fit Jeeves' new format...
April 21st, 2015
The End
That's it, folks!
Thanks for reading/sharing if you did.

I'll post an update when my next project launches sometime this summer. It'll have a similar tone to MES, so if you enjoyed this please stick around.

In the meantime, check for updates on what I'm doing, or feel free to contact if you want to directly get in touch for anything.