The Letter 7

maybe the true shitpost was the friends we made along the way

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This is why we body the bodies as soon as they're bod- *bodied*
Wait am I the cook?
This is why we made the cook as soon as they're bodies.
This is why we cook the bodies as soon as they're made.
I really don't wanna spread everyone's ashes over and over again.
@xXDarkXCarnivalXx: You're only asking that now?
@Shard: Only question I have is why Katai is talking.
@Shard: I hope you don't expect answers.
Vale, what are you doing? Vale, get outta there.
I have several questions
Jack just because you mail me your hand doesn't mean I'm gonna hit myself with it.
It wasn't that hard, I just bought up to 8 stock and then kicked the 8 onto its side
A response to Howly stealing my shit, i still need to mail him my fist.
Till the bill puts the place outta business
July 22nd, 2017
Inspired by Howly and stupidity.

3/4: Niv
5: Sal
Hey howly i hope you like a good ol' fashion gut punch because that's what you'll be getting for stealing my shit
In other words, git gud.