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The Letter 7

maybe the true shitpost was the friends we made along the way

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Does Gatemaster look like a guy who has a plan?
I thought she wanted to pick a fight with those double doors and her crew were talking her out of it.

Them doors are vicious
we keep you around cus you're a sweetie pie, don't at me
This is Accurate
> Implying we have the power to kick you out
Honestly I don't know why they still keep me around
October 8th, 2019
@Capejedi- By that logic, all sandwiches get filed there, because people sometimes use things like lettuce instead of bread.
@Shard: tortillas can be be made of corn or wheat

So let's just file it under the "sometimes" pile
October 6th, 2019
@Koren- Tortillas
October 6th, 2019
The problem with this chain of logic is that taco shells are not bread.
Leave Tacos out of it!
October 5th, 2019
Tacos are sandwiches send tweet
October 2nd, 2019
You sure about that, Howly?
If I don't make eye contact, she won't notice that I noticed her
October 2nd, 2019
Maybe I should ease up on the guy.
I made this page back in February of 2018, when a lot of people were asking me this question. I always thought the answer was obvious, but it was a nice little bonus page and I had it in case I ever needed filler for Aware. Never did, so now it's archived here for prosperity.
Just Bethesda Thingsā„¢
We did a panel mix and it looks like it went barking up the wrong tree.