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Sea Town

Comedic and unusual events in a seaside town that may hold more than a few mysteries in its sunny side streets.


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Yes, made it on time this week! ^-^
Sorry for the wait...been dealing with a cold etc.
I'm loving the green effect on this page.
That was a good chapter. :)
The end of chapter 8. Gulp! ^ ^;
Sorry for the delay! ^ ^;
May 27th, 2017
Welcome to Sea Town! Updated every week!
(I started this series in 2014! How time flies! ^ ^;)

Read my earlier work by clicking 'AmiC' above!
Sorry for the delay! Had some trouble with my scanner! ^ ^;
Yes, I did enter and my comic is now available to read online.Feel free to have a look.The original is in colour but I photocopied my entry for the competition.
@cherish.york: Thank you! ^-^
Were you at the private view? That was one heck of a night. I really could'nt believe i won. I still dont! It was super busy that night though, so it's not surprising you missed me. Did you enter last years comp? If so, be sure to post it online!
Hooray! I'm a bit late but congrats. I am gutted that I did speak to you at the private view. Nevertheless, I hope we cross paths at some point.
Hooray! The winning entries for the latest Manga Jiman are now available to view online! Check it out here:
Sorry for the short delay. ^ ^;
Here we are at the end of chapter 7! 34 pages? This was a long chapter! ^ ^;
February 17th, 2017
@WindowMaker: Heh Heh, yep, that's the one, and thank you!
I imagine the embassy will post all the entries up online as normal, but it won't be untill the exhibition is over. So probably some when in April. When it's available to view online I'll make a link in the Sea town comments. Stay tuned! ^o^
You mean this one, right? Congratulations!

Anyway, would the embassy put it online like ones from 2015? I'm curious about what's the deal with that bangle in the poster.
February 16th, 2017
Simply had the best of times at the Manga Jiman awards last friday in London.
Still really can't believe i came 1st! So, so happy.
Yeah...i know...
...i'm as surprised as you...^ ^;