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Sea Town

Comedic and unusual events in a seaside town that may hold more than a few mysteries in its sunny side streets.


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Oh no. Now that is awful. 😭
But why...why!😖
oh wow! T^T
Woah, now that is dramatic. Even O am left in wonder.
Even though i had this scenario in my mind from the very beginning of writing this story, actually putting it down on paper was harder than i'd ever imagined...and i have the benefit of knowing what happens in the end! ^ ^; (no clues!)
I agree, I want them both to go home too. 😖
Really, then that's good. I will be reading a long.
@cherish.york: I'll bet! ^-^ It may not necessarily seem like a 'good' surprise at the moment. but don't worry, things are all moving toward a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion.
I'm very surprised of how this story is progressing.
April 20th, 2018
@BananaUhl: Nope, it's just "king of the seagulls" as Jim puts it...^-^
April 19th, 2018
Um did that seagull eat/drink a growing potion by any chance?
Heh Heh, thanks. I pay particular attention to panel flow, so it's great to get good feedback for it. ^-^
oooh, I understand tooo. 😣
The panels are flowing really well. I am living the plot so far.
So... they are now outside of the Matrix?
@0@ MOUSE!!!
@0@ mouse!
Now that's very peculiar.