Love or Blood

Love can create lasting bonds... And love can destroy them. "Love or Blood"

This is a story of love, betrayal, and hope between childhood friends in their quest for happiness... Did I mention there are VAMPIRES?

Through out the comic you'll hear a funny sounding acronym HHD which stands for Homo-Hematophagy (blood eating) disease.

You can expect WEEKLY updates depending on my schedule.

The Setting for this comic takes place in 2004.

Comic Contains:
Boys Love/Yaoi/LGBT+/ Polyamorous/ BDSM themes ( Mature Audiences Only ) Some strong language and offensive terminology/ slurs are used- sparingly, violence, and of course CONSENSUAL SEX (those scenes will be identified as NSFW)

Please Note that pages with "triggering content/themes" will be labeled ***Reader Discretion Advised*** (RDA) I will be mindful to forewarn you in the comments section.


I'm currently (slowly) updating the earlier chapters to match the current format and style. It's painfully obvious this is my first web-comic! ^_^



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@Rai-Chu: LOL Me too! ^_^
I could go for a whole comic just full of ass ;) Haha I'd miss the other characters too much though ^^
@Mirror_Heart: LOL I can tell you now, she owes you a new game then! Wow, that's not really an easy bet to win unless people actually know my taste in music which is all over the place as you'll soon find out! I'm going to have to to stop adding more songs to my list, because there are waaayyyyyy too many I've listened to when working on the comic.
@Blackchick: So Kotori isn't a virgin??? You monster I trusted you!?? Lmao jk XD ok so I guess technically they weren't virgins. Lol who was I hurting calling them virgins XD.
Lol Nina owes me lunch then she thought mine and Josh's song would be "Electropop by Jupiter Rising". She also things mine and Kotoris song would be "Lost at Sea by Zedd" if I'm right and it's not that then she owes me a new game lol.
Do what you love I always say. Which is why I like to bake and garden everyday. I bet your other comics are just as great as this one ^^.
@Mirror_Heart: Technically, yes they are "virgins" in the area of consensual sex.

Unfortunately the majority of ex-patients at Speranta Hospital didn't go un-violated, especially the children. It's just the sad reality of some messed up people having power and access to a vulnerable population. Hence why y'all saw Kotori and Trevor acting out sexually when they were younger.

Ah, you and Josh's song has always been Claire de Lune, so don't be surprised that I have different versions of it (songs/ instrumentals) on my list. But yeah, there are many other songs as well that could easily represent you both. ^_^

LOL Yeah, I'm just glad I made it to 3 years through some very trying times personally and still enjoy telling this story! It's certainly not the longest comic I've worked on, but it's the first one I shared publicly beyond my siblings and closest friends. I understand now why so many authors do get burned out after a while, it takes a lot out of you! T_T I love doing this, so it's worth it!
And we can cross those two off the virgin list now XD. Darin will want to talk about it when I get back which I'll be fine with lol. Now all that's left is Kotori I wonder who will be his first ^////^.
Ooo yay 3rd anniversary!!! My anniversary of finding this comic will be in 3 more months tho, Damn you smackjeeves for not letting me find this comic the exact day!!!!! Lol. Oh ya Nina did ask what theme song you would give each character. I look forward to knowing the song you pick for me and josh ^^.
Also yay update Friday!!!! Thank you lord cuz that day me and the gang are going to play a scary game called Little Nightmares so I'm glad your updating to help me during the scary time lol.
Oh boy… Darin you just bruised his ego now! LOL Well that’s it for this scene… Don’t worry about these two, there will be more action b/t them later on. They’re just getting started! Next scene we’ll see Mirror joining Phil in receiving Rosie and Josh, will he find out that Aaron and Greg are with them?

I see more drama coming… But before that, this Friday marks the 3rd Anniversary of this comic and I will keep tradition and post art for that and a little something else! Thanks to Sailor.Sirius ‘ very interesting request, I decided to make a “partial” list of tunes I’ve played when creating the comic obviously some of them are mushy love longs among other things... See you Friday! ^_^
So much action here… Hey Trevor were you taking cues from one of Darin’s lusty stories on his blog? LOL Darin isn’t quite used to this… I mean apart from being so sheltered he didn’t have much by way of grown up toys to practice on.
For the UNCENSORED pages:

Heeeey! Finally the last update with this scene! I know you’re tired of seeing Trevor’s perverted ass! You’ll just have to endure 3 more pages of it… I hope you’ll forgive me? *sarcasm*

Oh, Darin you’re in for a surprised b/c you’re not the only noisy one in this coupling! XD
@Mirror_Heart: Oh, it's definitely the right image... Nothing is happening with his member, it's just in the background anyway... Conveniently hovering just over the word-bubble! LOL
lol I think you posted the wrong image cuz this is definitely not censored XD. *sigh* I slightly am disappointed in myself for thinking Trevor looks good but hey he wouldn't be the first idiot I found attractive. And Darin you ugh.... kinda can't blame him??? I mean you can't just tell the guy you like that you tried to bite off a guys thing and expect him to think blowjob lol.

Another busy week, but I did get two MORE pages done! Enjoy these two pages, Darin’s ego gets the best of him… I guess he expects any guy to eagerly want to get fellatio after learning how he almost bit off Bill’s member! I don’t blame Trevor at all! XD
@Rai-Chu: Smelling Darin's sweet blood isn't helping! LOL
Darling your fangs are showing ^^ he can't even control his lust XD
@Mirror_Heart: Aw, you're a dear! It's alright, it was just a crazy week in general.

So, many of our plans went wrong or left that we had to just laugh it off and have a simpler weekend.

Hehehe, Trevor wouldn't be Trevor if he didn't ruin it for you! ^_^
@Blackchick: oh I'm sorry to hear that. Well if you ever want to talk I'm always willing to listen ^^ you've heard my fair share of problems and I would be more than willing to do the same ^^.
Also lol yah I'm enjoying it for now but soon enough Trevor will do something to ruin it.
@Mirror_Heart: Not really, he got bad news on the job and was madder than a wet cat! At least he tried to enjoy his birthday, but he wasn't a happy camper all weekend... Even his family was coming up to me asking me if I was alright. LOL

Anyway, at least you're enjoying the scene in spite of Trevor! XD
Hope you had fun with your hubby last week ^^.
Lol I see you used one of my suggestions for my character and another certain character XD. Now I won't get to enjoy that characters touch! Lol jk XD.
Trevor maybe a huge jackass but I'm still enjoying this scene ^^.

Happy Monday… What’s left of it… -_-’ Crazy week last week, but I managed to get two pages done for your enjoyment!
@raziesgirl: Okay? LOL