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On the eve of their big school presentation, Daisuke confessed his love to Umi. The only problem was the timing...

*A BL Story by Piggy Ho Ho*


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Suuuure, keep telling yourself that boy :')
So erotic >~< Loving this already :3 ♥
Oh my gosh...
Oh my gosh, even after so long I can't get over how cute this comic is. :)
That was so cute i loved it!
Love it!
That was the most ADORABLE thing I've read in a while! <3
Youre cover of the story is amazingly fascinating and very cute.... I hope that you could make a book for this oneshot..
This story is so cute, love it so much will definitely be re reading this over and over. <33
i love this one shot
great story related to april fools day and what a cute couple <3
This is so cute
OH GOD !!! I know Carpediem but I didn't know it was you !!! :D
This comic is awesome ! And Carpediem is one of my favourites ! It's a very very good job ! Really !
I'm waiting for the newt part of " What happens in Carpediem" !

Good luck !!
*puts on shades*
I'm going in.

...I'm sorry.
I loved this comic sooo much, I'm sad it's over but I'm glad to have read it.
I look forward to more of your work in the future
love it
this cover is so inviting and unique c:
great!! amazing!! I don't have any words!!

What happens in carpediem will be even more epic i presume (: !!
Aaaaaah, "the end"... I loved the story!!
Thank you for your hard work! <3
Great Ending
Great story, enjoyed it until the end.
Looking forward to What happens in Carpediem :)
For being a one shot, the plot or theme behind it being April 1st was very creative. I simply loved it!!! <3
Thank you all for reading!
As some of you may know this was used as a BL manga contest submission. Unfortunately I didn't win, but the winners were all very good!
If you liked this and would like to check out my other work, please click on my profile page on SJ! I will be returning to my series comic "What Happens in Carpediem". Hope to see you all again soon!

- Piggy Ho Ho