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MineBlocks: Nether Frenzy

Creator: GokentoPower

Admins: Gyusuki, The_Project and

Normal: Ethan_Anchaenth, Plasma_Knight and JerhmyTheHedgehog.
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On Hiatus
Last Update
5 Years Ago

Accepting Author Applications

Anyone that haves a MineBlock Character.

Rules: Don't do anything to admins, or even the creator.
(Result: BAN)
Respect players.
Don't Godmod.
Don't abuse orbs, (authors)

Apply as a Co-Author
Creator: GokentoPower

Admins: Gyusuki, The_Project and

Normal: Ethan_Anchaenth, Plasma_Knight and JerhmyTheHedgehog.

Recent Comments

@Gyusuki: dem dem jokes
This looks like a shitty expand dong meme.

its in a hiatus

Filler Up?
This monster was created by boredom.

Dat Expression.
calm...for now
I'm hoping the other authors will come up with something. or am i the only tempting to get the comic back. I'm not lazy.Just giving all the authors alot of chance to put there creativity up. WEWILLNOTDIELIKETHEORINGALEVER!!!!!
Credit to mojang
so finally got enough connectivity to post this. Enjoy the sprites i found...there owned by Mojang Textures.
@plasma_knight303: mygod

that took 1 year to charge.
I'm just taking a huge nap, no big deal
Thanks to the power of god mod, the world is refreshed and know one remembers the events in the crazverse. of course i must protect the frenzy door til were ready.

This is Neither "Frenzy"
but thanks to plasma i came up with a idea. so basicly we are back to normal with a exception. There are some intresting mobs to deal with.

P.s:Ive been working on my kirby comic lately, its doing great... if you wanna see it click this random link:

And aside its crazyness its Decent.
Jeff and Jacob have NO place AT ALL in that stupid worthless boss fight. He practically co-owns the character at this point, also, I barely know you, while I've worked with Slash on at least a couple other things.
December 27th, 2014
@Ryjora: guess it was my fault to belive are awesome team of creators could handle just action pack comics, and get back on handle... without others my ideas become harder to make.
December 27th, 2014
oh my god what has happened to this comic

I miss when this had even slight relevance to Minecraft instead of this stupid ghost-herobrine dragonball z nonsense.

The only person who has even updated for the past, idk, 20 years has been because this is so impossible to follow and it's so stupid! .... er... idk.
December 22nd, 2014
uhhhh idea kindof appeared #epicFail
why is it so hard to come up with ideas, where are the other authors... where... whhhhhhh...e..r......e-
Drawn. Not Enuff said
i threw in random comp drawings...
as you can merry
ow mouth... uh wait did i type that. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy 6 day til christmas and i got quite a story. My cheeks started to hurt then my whole body so i went to the hostipal... and on december. my mouth is hurting beyond belief, and i may be getting a wisdom tooth. on a other note. i came up with a new chapter. Chapter 7 (6 chapter special/christmas special... behind the Block) Merry Break time. Where are heros deal with a new challenge... Questions (i'll be trying the general discussion for this.) if none there still the basic behind the scence fun as i prepare for as stated in this comic plot 2. we're slightly back!^^ it really is very difficult to tell when someone is using sarcasm on the internet.
Actually it's not "dead"

it's just like all the comics do.

stopping for awhile.