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Closure time!
Here's how it would have gone if Hex won. Most of the 16 competitors get a small cameo here. :D
Possible epilogue, once schoolwork is done.
OCT’s are hard.
They’re thoroughly time-consuming, have scary deadlines, and their semi-improvisational nature goes terribly against the grain of the storytelling process.
But they are absolutely worth it.
It's been a joy and an honor to compete in Eden, not to mention make it to the final and make friends along the way. Above all I am glad to be DONE.
I hope you enjoy :)
Transcendentals! It’s a math term. : B

I’m ecstatic to make it to the semifinals of my first serious attempt at an OCT. This time Hex goes up against an angel and a demon.
I had many options here. It's taken me years and many failed attempts to learn that soapboxes for or against any belief do not make good stories. But neither did I want to sacrifice exploration of the spiritual - and not JUST that (too many stories stop there) but it was my attempt to actually arrive at something of spiritual worth.
Additionally, in a setting which is already rife with religious references, I wanted to not overdo that either. Back during round 1, I had an idea involving bread and wine which I really liked, but it didn't fit in the current development, which I'm okay with.
But happily, My5’s characters and their background had a unique take on them which made it easy to consider her version of heaven and hell in their own right. They were tricky to work with in terms of mood - My5 wrote easily THE most emotional introduction, and I hope I lived up to that. And as always, juggling all the plot points was a challenge. (Hex why did you have to research so many things)

And all of that said, I have been a Christian for nearly a decade, and my primary goal in everything, including comics, is to glorify God and his son Jesus. The Bible describes a very different God, heaven, hell, demons, and angels than the one(s) presented in this story, and in pop culture in general.
And even though these are just comics, I take the spiritual realm - both the good and the bad - seriously. I’ve been fortunate not to have encountered spiritual warfare/possession/etc. firsthand, but I have it on good authority that it’s real. You’ll notice I left out Tinkie’s pentagram mark. I didn’t feel comfortable drawing it due to its associations, and I know certain readers would not enjoy seeing it either.

But all in all, I’m very happy with how this round turned out. I owe big thanks to simondrawsstuff for his in-depth critiques on it. I hope you enjoy it.

Read on DA for additional commentary:
This is some mighty fine storytelling you've got going so far Hex :D

I'm digging his "I don't want wish fulfillment, I want SCIENCE!" attitude towards the apple dilemma. The best deus ex machina is the kind you brew yourself! :3
Thanks! :D I miss chatting with you, MacSimon.
Man, your style has really changed from the days you started this comic, congratulations! : D
Man, those flames look amazing. This is one of the best pages i've seen you made :B
Full commentary on DeviantArt!
lol, My username starts with B.
Archimedes is my spirit owl.
There's some cameos in these pages. :D For credits, and for a much better quality picture, go here:
Hex needs to look into those warp drives, they're less stable than a Xen relay teleporter :V
I don't know WHAT I'm getting into auditioning for two OCT's at once. But here goes. For this one, I'm going to go ahead and post a few pages at a time as I finish them.

Interdimensional warp drives! Quite possibly the most convenient plot device ever.

More pages soon!
Still, Planet B pages. I was re-reading some pages last week, and i really smiled to see it back at top of my favorites page :P
Yep! I would suggest following them on dA. SJ has a 500kb limit on pages, and they don't look too good with this old narrow format either.
Aww. I was really hoping for some Planet B. Will you be putting up Hex and Furato's adventures as they go?
BAM! Weren't expecting an update were ya?

Planet B may be finished, but the characters are not! There's some adventures left in them yet.
I finally mustered up the courage/insanity to try out one of those Original Character Tournaments over at dA. (Two, in fact.) This is the first, Eden.
Lohfrum (Guest)
August 4th, 2011
Can you cut a tin can with it?
July 24th, 2010