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Shattered Truths is a Pokemon Black nuzlocke adventure. It's drawn and colored with traditional media.

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gosh-darnit cheren
Being jumped by a ginger and a patrat is a scarring experience
At this rate Aya's never going to get a starter...
well i think oshawott would be a bad choice cause of "dewey" dying... bring back bad mems...

but i like snivy so lets go with that!
Page 6
Any guesses about which one Aya "picked" ;P
New characters and a tone change, yay!
morning breaks
I'm not super happy with how this page turned out. I finished this page a while ago when I was still figuring out how big to make speech bubbles, etc. oh well
run aways
don't crack the egg!
the chase is on
don't fuck with plasma :)
first page!
here we goooo

Welcome to my Pokemon Black Nuzlocke.
here are the in-game rules:

*faint=dead, box permanently in the Dead PC box
*dupes clause, even if the first catch has died
*can only catch the first pokemon in a new area
*can catch shinies, disregarding other rules

this comic is loosely based on my in-game run. that means that the plot is very different from the game and, in some cases, pokemon who didn't die in-game may die in my comic and pokemon who did die may leave the team but still be alive in the comic. enjoy ^O^
June 3rd, 2014
and so it begins! this is the cover to my new Pokemon Black nuzlocke! enjoy :D