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Alpha Pokemon Nuzlocke

Alpha Pokemon Nuzlocke

by howtobeast10101
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5 Years Ago

Alpha Pokemon Nuzlocke

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That's professor birch...
Prologue Text without the fancy text
Plot of Alpha Sapphire wedlocke:
Team Magma Admin taking on league challenge and trying to destroy team Aqua.
Water levels are at an all time low.
We had been partially successful in waking up Groudon, but that damn pirate had to interfere...
Our leader chased Archie's sub down and tried to steal it back, but the sub was rigged and he died in the blast.
Archie was gone, Groudon back to sleep, our plan in ruins, our leader was maybe dead, and the team had scattered.
I was left to pick up the pieces...

(Wedlocke rules: I get a Poocheyena as my starter as a team Magma admin, my starter gets switched for im and he does not count as my first route pokemon encounter.)
June 15th, 2014
@SUGauthor: im sure he is just getting it started for when it does come out
June 15th, 2014
Wow this came out fast.