Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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mmmm looks tasty
That certainly blew me away
Goodness, that's one big heap of dyno.....
*hides behind Res*
Essentially explosives are fire!
Dynamite can solve many problems.
Kracko's gonna go out with a bang...
S'Lotta dynamite.
Clouds with spikes use mattresses?
But what about the comforters
but what about the cushions
Kirby RETURN To Dreamland
Me: My Life Is Complete
Er... yeah sure let's go with that
Uh, no, that's not... ah forget it
Elements don't apply in Kirby, just Pokémon! So that plan's going to totally work!
isnt the electric boogaloo named after the pokemon comic pikachu's electric boogaloo?
CALLED IT! boom. iki iki iki iki iki! (iki means i knew it) thats odd... shes really a part of the planet but she knows nothing DX thats horrible for her!
Blade X Cotton! You can see it right now! Srsly!
BladeXCotton confirmed!
Things that worked:

Not that