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Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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*inserts pokemon red and blue music* let's hope Zero wins
Whats worse is the janitors closet! RUN!!!
Blade's going down for calling my favorite character "flying eye demons"
Overall, I give this comic 10 stars, but also, I'm making my own comic. Oh....... and my name is about Dark Matter, so......
@Guest: Eyy no problem, friend.
The red one (next to Lilac) is Blade's mom.
Her name is Ribbon, or Ribee-chan, in my notes. She came back to life because of Blade's wish to Nova.
Basically everyone gets a new start.
I hope that clears things up! :)
There's one more thing I don't understand how much in the future are they in the Epilogue and who is that red kirby? (not Ruben the female one) (sorry for the late reply's)
@MissKate: Thankyou
@Guest: (Fire/Red) Nika
(Air/Yellow) Saro
(Earth/Green) Eno
(Water/Blue) Lona
The elementals with 'a's are more feminine, while the ones with 'o's are more masculine. Saro is actually a little in between now that I think about it.
They're whatever tho lol, hope that helps. ^×^
what is the four element kirby's names?(I know Nika)
@Guest: WHAT UP?
hi warpstar
@QZWAG22: It's in the works!
(Although to be honest with all the things I'm doing I'm not sure if it would be a weekly comic :x )
@Nova Ozuka: Congratulations Nova! :o
And thank you for reading!
And I'm finally done!
Aaaand I finally made it back here.
I didn't know people in other comics talk about me. ...Oh, he means All-Caps.
For a second, I thought I saw Void in Panel 2, because the page hadn't loaded right so all I saw was white with two black dots. My next thought was "wait a minute" before the rest of the panel loaded.
May 23rd, 2019
Whats this? Not a sprite comci?!
Wow. A kirby comic that someone actually DRAWS.