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Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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Kirby struggles with being a good lil puffball.
Meanwhile, Keeby has the power of knowing exactly what time it is. Who knew?
Confessions kyeheh
Am I the only one who noticed that Blaze has the same pose as Clean Kirby in Panel 4?
Wow, okay, that's fine........A little weird at the moment though.
He sure is.
"You sound kinda down"

Tell us more, MK.
Don't worry Blade, if you weren't impulsive then wouldn't be...YOU.
Oh cool, cleaning supplies!
The calm? Before the Storm?
Me three
And four
It feels like I've had to split in two to survive my days
Welp. Guess he is impulsive.
Geez you think so Meta Knight?
Yes Blade, you're very impulsive. You're written that way.
Also blaming oneself seems to be a common theme with my characters. ^^'
Don't worry, projections don't have bones. :P
Don't worry Blade, I've been stressed out too.
I can only imagine the Final Fantasy victory music for panel 3
Mission Complete!

Now a moment with Kirby and Blade...
Bad Guy Bonkers is his name now