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Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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Savage Zero oof
We're finally here!
Zero don't you dare say what I think you're about to say...
Sorry for no blood warning last week, I hope that's okay. :x
OMA but i'm fangirling so hard right now
Thank you, alt text, for being with me.
Motivation! :D
Hey all, sorry I've been quiet lately. I've been having issues with my home Internet and haven't been able to update the way I like. ^^
So if I make any errors with uploads or spelling, I'll have to get back to them when everything is sorted out again.
Thank you for your patience! :)
Oh kay.
Oh no.
I must agree that puns are pretty amazing! But then I wondered to myself, does Zero even have a heart?
that's on the same day (not year) as mine :O (birthday)
Puns are the best form of comedy. Fight me.
@MissKate: It has been so long!! Glad to hear from you again!
Zero 2 will always be the best zero because band-aid
@MissKate: ooh Salvador Dali
There should be a melting clock
@WiispNightmare: The Hyper Zone is like that painting with the melting clocks lol

@Warpstar: Yee, he really is!
@Blizzard: Blizz!! It's been a while asdfhjk
Glad to hear you caught up! XD I hope you're enjoying the story, bud.
I kind of imagine that this is what happens when a planet is crushed by a black hole.
I haven't slept in two days