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Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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@MissKate: Good now it's in your head too
Cotton, I'm fairly sure when 38 Special said "hold on loosely" they also said "but don't let go".
@WiispNightmare: I love this, it's CQ canon now.
@AHumanBeing: be surprised and sweatdrop like Adeleine :V
@WiispNightmare: What else would he do
@MissKate: Ha Nice, you really should play Kirby Planet Robobot though, it's a good one :D
@MissKate: Does Keeby write fanfics in his spare time about all of his friends' potential ships
I don't know why but that idea is now in my head
It seems funny, am I just tired
@AHumanBeing: I think I might have moved the sweat drops too far from the characters, my bad ^^;
Also aaaaa frick I typo'd again! Sorry I'll correct that when I'm able to. ;v;

@WiispNightmare: Keeby ships everything tbh. He's gone postal ;P
Despite that sword was in kirbys adventure, and clean was in dreamland 3 (and star allies, but that didn't exist when you uploaded this)
Keeby clearly ships it what XD
I ship it

Also, why is the bush sweating?

Also Also, Isn't it Bid farewell?
Me @ Myself: You just had to ruin a perfectly good emotional moment, didn't you?

Also Me: You can't stop the passion that is FIRE.

ETA: Fixed the typo! :)
@Arolachette217: I'm not sure if this is spoilers or not but I haven't played that Kirby game yet! ^^" So unfortunately, no, they're not.
But someone is.. :)
Meta you almost hit her with your wings
I thought you were a gentleman >:U
"Stop calling us dear, okay? None of us are married!"
The robobots aren't coming...are they?
Don't worry, Lilac calls everyone "dear", even if they're much, much, much mu- older than she is. :P
I wouldn't worry about that giant hole in the sky, I'm sure someone will patch that.
Better call Hal.