Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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Kirby is the Hero of the Universe, not just Popstar.
And he's not perfect.
So, the other teams know what's going on, why do I feel that they'll lose?
I'm a few weeks late to saying this, but, while I did like the traditional style, I think I prefer this one just a bit more. Everything looks so much smoother.
What's going on?
The Knights should help them out.
@TheJGamer: Not exactly. I did use sprites in the old banner for a little while, but their original use was to help me decide on color combinations for the main puffballs.
*the more you know*
Meanwhile, in bluespace... Eye demons.

And Blade has caught a case of the Anxieties, and I don't blame him. Life is very stressful, man. orz
Blade looks cute in the 3rd panel. <3
There's a time to be positive and then there's a time to be aware and cautious, I believe that this moment needs both.
@MissKate: "Sprite?" Does that mean that this comic was originally/is going to be a sprite comic?
Just take the shred of positivity, Blade. You're going to need it in these times.
There's a time for motivational speeches, but it's not while flying eye demons are trying to kill your friends.
@Elemental Kirby: Yes, I believe the artstyle is staying this way until the end. Although, I have been tempted to make one of the "climactic" pages traditional, just for funsies. We'll have to see.

@Abseka03: Thank you! Don't worry, I'll try to keep up the charm. (Didn't know there was one, that makes me happy ;u; )
@Randomium: I'll be sure to keep doing my best! (I'm happy to hear you liked the traditional artstyle though)
@contradiction123: Thank you! :)

@Warpstar: Aw, I'm glad you liked the old art. I'll keep that in mind if I ever make another filler page for around the holidays.
@Nashew: Hah ^^' yeah like @Thenewdonut quoted, he's red-orange. Or at least his sprite was. Nika is supposed to be red-orange too, but I think the pallet I have saved for her is more of a solid red, to be a bit different from Blade.
[Insert "Project Runway-Blood orange" meme here]
@TheJGamer: At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the whole planet just decided to fight back...
Kindness seems to be very rare these days.
Aaaa okay I saw some comments on the last page and I'll answer them in a bit but first:
Yes the artstyle is staying digital for the time being, as my schedule is a bit cramped and this is much easier on me. ^^'

Also things keep happening but all is well just mighty, mighty stressful. ;u;

Anyway, sometimes when I write dialog I tend to include my own personal beliefs in what they're saying. A lot of people do that, I reckon.
...I like when characters support and love each other. I think if we all had a little more love and support in our lives we'd all be better off.

Emotions! See y'all next week!
"Popstar is in danger!"

But what if someone else was to save Dreamland; someone who's NOT named Kirby, Keeby or the Knights?
Hang on here's a quote from the author:
And here's where I hate my scanner. FUN FACT: Blade's supposed to be red-ORANGE. And the grass is supposed to be green



This whole time, I thought Blade was supposed to be red.
"Here in Popstar that's an overused excuse."
I like the old traditional art style better, but this looks good too!