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Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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The one above is me, just so ya know.
@Nova Ozuka: Yeah... it's a pretty good one.
@RedsterTheGamer: Yeah, I saw that comment and just couldn't resist.

Also, this reminds me, I need to get around to actually READING this comic. :P
Quik question: did NOVA basically just turn Cotton's soul into an actual body, or what?
@Nova Ozuka: HA saw that comin
Thank you!
Thank you everyone for your comments! I'll have to reply to them individually when I get the chance, but they all still mean a lot to me. :)
I love every one of you! Thank you for your support! ^v^)b
sad that it's over, glad that it happened! thank you for making such a lovely comic, and good luck with your other projects!
Aw dang, it’s over already! Man, this was such a great read, i’m glad it lasted so long. You did such a good job @MissKate ! ^w^
Hope you continue.....
One of the most unique webcomics about Kirby out there.... I hope you continue...
irony on panel 4
Man, this comic was like a breath of fresh air to read.
It's kinda wild to see a comic actually finish because most of the time comics get canceled or are still going on. I remember binging all of these pages up until the most recent one at the time Chaper 20 Page 7 and just seeing you improve over all those years was so cool.

good luck on all of your other comic(s?)!
Well, thanks for your hard work on this comic Kate. It was indeed a comic that would be worth reading. A nicely well done. ^_^
Take care and best wishes.
hwaaa it's really over ;^;
I'm gonna miss the bright and colorful style this comic had. Thanks for all the inspiration you've given me, and know I'll stay tuned with your other works!
The End. (Thanks for reading!)
This comic started about five years ago in 2014, and now it's finally seeing its end.
Thank you to everyone who made this simple little webcomic possible. Thank you to everyone that stuck around since the beginning, and to everyone that just found this comic recently. I hope I made something you all enjoyed, and maybe even inspired you to go out and make something too! :)

I'd also like to thank the people that commented, made jokes (they always made me smile), and helped me grow by pointing out errors so I could fix them. It meant a lot to me to have people encourage me to keep drawing and writing.
And through this comic, I met a lot of beautiful people that I consider my dear, dear friends. I wish I had the ability to stay in contact with you all. Unfortunately in life there will always be roadblocks.

Some of those roadblocks are what kept me going, actually. Since starting Crystal Quest, I have unfortunately lost three family members. It was CQ that kept me on a schedule and away from most of the sadness that comes with losing loved ones.
I will always remember my two sweet kitties, Oliver and Happy. And my grandmother, who I miss more than anything. I hope they are all in a better place.

My grandmother no longer being with us was something that actually changed the outcome of Cotton's journey. I'm not sure if any of you have, or had, a parent who suffers from dementia or memory loss, but it's something I hope no one has to go through. I can't imagine how scary it must be to forget someone that you've known and loved for so many years. It did change how I looked at the time we spent together, and the memories of her. Through those memories, you can keep your loved one(s) alive.
And I hope in the future those people get a second chance. Because no matter how little we think of ourselves, everyone deserves to be remembered.
Thank you grandma, for believing in me.

In the end, this comic gave me something to push myself with, even if it was just a little nudge. I'm going to continue to learn more about art, going to continue to practice whenever I can, and keep learning in general. I hope you all do too!

There are still a few things I'd like to get done before I say goodbye for good. There are the Synopsis and Character pages that need a bit more love, the html in general is just... a mess. lol
And I'd also like to go back to page one and edit the text to make it more legible. (I won't be touching the art! I like the show of progression and I know some people still like it. :) ) It may be a while before I can actually get to work on these things, however.

And, well, who knows! Maybe we'll see Azure and his friends sometime in the future! ;)

Thank you all again for sticking by me. I'll be sticking around with my other comic before starting anymore projects but I hope you guys had fun!
Let's all keep working hard and doing our best together! (^u^)b

-Best Wishes, Kate ~
Well everyone, are you ready for the finale?
Smiles go for miles! :)
It starts so young
February 23rd, 2019
Here comes the tsun. Da na na na~
February 23rd, 2019
Don't think of him leaving, think of it being just another day before you see him again. :)