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Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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He cries blood. I'm pretty sure that's reason enough to go to the ER.
Wait but
Did Gooey throw the boot
Yeah, ripping youself doesn't exactly sound pleasant.
Zero does have a point. One should seek analysis from a trained professional.
Not some kid with a sword that's gonna probably stab you cuz you're evil.

Yeah, I understand too. Anyway, here comes the battle.
Of course we understand!
Hello everyone, I'm sorry this week's page is a couple days late! I'm currently recovering from some injuries and didn't have the ability to use my computer for a while. I hope you all understand. ^^"

Hopefully I'll be all healed by this next Saturday, until next time!
So that's where Peanut's been! Bringing the boys back in town!
@Kirbyfan27: Yeah, I tend to be overly cautious with things. ^^'

((tfw the boot thrower doesn't even wear boots))
This page isn't as bloody as you made it sound like.

I wonder who threw that boot, though.
What's a God to a nonbeliever
Heh, you defeated Zero's first form already.
Aw seriously?
Knock knock
Be careful!

But that didn't feel cliché at all. Nice!
Wow, that was just beautiful, but it seems like such a Kirby thing to do. This was such an awesome page!
Look at the DarkMatter crying at the left (His perspective) at Kirby''s speech!
Oh Zero, please listen to them.
This is my favorite page so far.

But I don't think I'll look at the next one.
Is he right?
Well it was nice knowing you, Boot Throwing Guy.