Crystal Quest

A group of six kirbies adventure around helping others, facing monsters, and forming strong friendships.


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Fire + Ice equals dry ice. Because it burns you!
Ice is.......unique when considering how strong it is. It could be EXTREMELY easy to break to EXTREMELY hard.

I know from experience. =(
team kirby clash deluxe flashbacks
Depends how thick the ice is.
Electric Boogaloo part 2
The boogalooing :P
Darnit all the bosses are breaking the comic panels
The epic battle!
Excited for the battle much?
You almost sliced Keeby, Kirby!
There could be trouble
Meaning there could NOT be trouble as well
But regular storms do not simply happen in Dreamland
So obviously there is trouble
This is all pointless because we all know that for plot reasons there is most certainly trouble.
*goes back to bed*
Ooh, ominousness.
Ooh, first time I've seen Galatca wear his mask.
The battle begins!

Chapter Sixteen starts next week, see you then!
Sorry for not responding to any comments for the past few weeks!
(No Internet sucks ><)

Hope everyone had a good week! Summer storms are still making their rounds!
But I LIKE Kracko!
Y u must b evilz
That is an anime Bonkers
Aww, Kracko looks so cute.
Kracko's appearance is funny because of all the summer storms I've been having here at home.

No points for anyone guessing chapter 16's title. :P
Because dogs can't talk.
Uhhh nope

Don't watch nearly enough anime ^^;;