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A day in the life of an awkward trans boy. Happiness is worth fighting for.


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I'm german too
but we missed all the trouble at home because we were in Italy :(
@AliceAcid: Hello fellow Germ c;

I didn't watch it at all until I heard about German practically destroying Brazil in the semi-finals and after that I just knew I had to cheer on my boys in the finals! ^^
Oh, Hi there! I'm German as well^^

I'm starting to suspect half of Smackjeeves is ;)

Have to admit though, I didn't watch the Worldcup at all, it's my exam-weeks so I wasn't really motivated to watch just for the fun either...but still I think we had this title coming since at least 2006 ;) ^^
Wir haben gewonnen!
Germany won the Fifa World Cup!! Ahhhhhhhhh!


Can you tell I'm German? Ah, oh well. Thought I'd show my support for my boys with a quick sketch~ best part is, in my house, I everyone else was rooting for Argentina... but I knew we'd win c;
July 7th, 2014
Have a cute Oliver that I had the urge to draw~ Oliver, I know you read my comic, so, stay awesome, please and thank you.
At Heathrow
Going through security is always a pain in the ass, but this guy's words made my day. I didn't even mind being randomly patted down shortly after! My bag was also searched because I forgot I had a water bottle in the bottom...
I'm going on a trip to Europe with my classmates on the 23rd and we'll be touring Greece and Italy! This is the chance of a lifetime and I'm so excited! But it lasts ten days and I won't be able to update this comic in that time so to the fans I have (and thank you so much favoriting my comic!) I want you to know I haven't given up! I'll be back soon~
June 20th, 2014
Bryan Quick Facts
Bryan M.
gender: 'male'
age: 17
grade: 12
strengths: english, drawing, memorizing facts.
weaknesses: math, cooking, being nice to other people...
likes: rain, quiet, cats, reading, and breakfast foods.
dislikes: dogs, swimming, loud noises, and people use the wrong pronouns.
June 20th, 2014
Let's Get This Thing Started
All's Fair is a comic focusing on Bryan's life as a trans boy and the difficulties he faces. He is almost entirely based off of my own personal experiences as a transgender individual, though some events/characters/etc may be fictitious. Here goes nothing!