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The Council

This is my first attempt at drawing a political cartoon. I have the R rating setting on because I will reference the media. I prefer to keep things PG as much as possible though.

Recent Comments

I think I just witnessed an abortion.
@Mushroom Flabs: #fossordidnothingwrong
@Xealx: Ah, the chemical weapons.
@artofjoe: It was a recent event when I started writing/drawing this, but it's several months old now. =p
did that guy just create a tiny holocaust? I wonder what the dudes are going to talk about this time.
@Ian Evans: And fossor doesn't do that?
His name is bongos and he eats childs
@10ali10: I'm gonna be completely honest, my money is on the bear.
Bear vs Cop,who would win?
It is a good thing I read that text blurb. I thought they had gone to a bear guru that lives in the clouds for a second. SO MUCH SUSPENSE!
@Ian Evans: Ahhh, okay I see it now, but I would suggest a "..." in between. (If you'd like)
@artofjoe: yes. Everyone was in an awkward silence when he finished talking. I confirmed with Xealx when editing.
Oh no the time fuzz!
@artofjoe: haha I'm glad you figured it out, I didn't realize till after probably the 3rd read through
Oh my Gosh! Prisoner knew all along! :O
That book cover looks pretty cool.
Haha! Classic!