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Drawing Folder

Drawing Folder

by MissKate
Here's where I'll put some drawings/sketches that I've done.
Maybe some ideas for future comics or whatnot.

Constructive critisism welcome! :)

Updates: Whenever.
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Drawing Folder

Here's where I'll put some drawings/sketches that I've done.
Maybe some ideas for future comics or whatnot.

Constructive critisism welcome! :)

Updates: Whenever.


Recent Comments

November 3rd, 2019
I'm trying to make a habit of posting comics I put on dA here.
Even the silly, not so good ones like these.

They have a weird dynamic. 🤔
Posted on dA already.

Sage and Gabriel are partners and performers, specializing in song, dance, and magic. Gabriel, the light mote, has the ability to transform into animals, frequently an ermine. He and the shadow rabbit, Chester, are good friends but tend to interrupt Sage's quick, between show naps.
Oh well. :b
October 15th, 2019
Congratulations, Guy. Bested by a tiny 14 year old catgirl.
Rethink your nose booping, man.

(He will not do this I guarantee you.)
October 15th, 2019
Guy: Hey wanna see something funny?
Also Guy: *does this*

Boy why do you do these things you know what'll happen.
October 15th, 2019
Another requested comic from dA.
Idk I thought the last two panels were funny.
Already on dA, but I miss the lol random humor I used to do.
This one hopefully is in character.

Fun fact! Blood oranges are orange on the outside, but red on the inside!
October 5th, 2019
This was for a user on dA but I thought it was amusing enough for here too.

Y'know like, nya~
Already posted on dA but this'll go here too.
Idk I thought it was funny.

Nevermind how she got into Mr. Busy's house...
Based off of a conversation I had with a friend a looong time ago.
It's an inside joke, and therefore, not funny to anyone but us.
No context, just Mews being Mews.
June 30th, 2019
Sorry for just throwing random comics up in here but that's what this is for I guess.
Characters don't have set names, but I've been tinkering with them for a while.
This scene doesn't even make sense in context with the story.
Sometimes you gotta make a comic that's funny to you and two other people.
Oh wait that's all of my comics lol.

Staring Miss Random, Soured, Hugz, Dumdy, and Mr. Green. They have fun.
A project that I was working on and cancelled because writing a story is easier than making a full comic series. QuQ
Sadie the seahorse lives in the ocean with her friends Sunny and Shadow. She also makes lots of new friends, like a squid, a miniature diver, a hula girl, and even a mermaid!
They have a lot of adventures and get into trouble because of course they do.

Maybe some day I'll finish it.
And here's the last cover I made for Plush Fluff.
This time, the Special Plushies are on it.

The Special Plushies are kind of like celebrities in the toy world. Each one has "realistic" colors for the type of animal they are, plus eyes that are the color of the birthstone that represents the month they were born in. These few in particular star in their own show on TV, so the other plushies really admire them.
And the moth's name is Confetti. :P

I really wish I had more time in the day to work on comics.. Although knowing me, I'd have like 10 running at once. XD

Next time, something different!
Here is the second cover for Plush Fluff.

This time, the secondary characters have the spotlight. They live in the forest outside of Blueberry's house, and have a lot of adventures.

Tbh I think I just made them because I got new pens.. lel
Hey all!
This is the cover (One of three) for a comic I was working on called Plush Fluff.
It's a slice-of-life comic about Blueberry and their plush friends as they explore the world they live in. Most of my comics have some sort of friendship theme in them lol.

I kind of scrapped making pages because I couldn't decide on how I wanted to start this comic. Mostly it was just going to center around these main characters, but then there was a story arc I really wanted to try and, well, you know how it is. ^^"

Maybe I'll pick it up some other time.
Wow, I haven't updated Drawing Folder in a year!

Well for those of you that stuck around, here's something new. This is the cover for a comic I had been working on for a while.

Fantasy Land started out as just a simple story of a small unicorn finding her family after a terrible earthquake separated them. Along the way she makes a lot of different friends, and they each learn from each other as they find their place in the world.
Also the demon and jester are boyfriends. :P

I might make pages out of certain scenes that I like, but the story is so long and way out of my comfort zone (drawing-wise) that it'd certainly be a challenge to keep consistent.
But the good thing about this project was that it helped me learn a bit more about world building and character development. I'm still learning of course!

Next up, I have three different covers for my story about living plushies and their adventures. (^u^)
Cool new covers! I'll be sure to check out your dA
Just a page of coloring practice for things I want to eventually work on.

Although, and don't get me wrong, I like SJ, I might want to run another comic on a site like tumblr or something similar, too. I think it'd help me stay organized. (She says, as she messes with html for two hours before giving up.)

Also I finally put covers on these darn things! That's a plus, right?

(Note: If you want to just see actual art instead of bits and pieces, check out my dA instead. I still ramble however.)
December 3rd, 2016
I didn't post this yet did I

Anyway, Ultra Violet is an aggressive bean.
..This was funnier in my head.

I'm not dead I swear