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Crossoverlord & Crossoverkill

Mindmistress discovers why her years-long search across the multiverse has turned up no other beings like her. She, along with Dasien, Mechagical Girl Lisa (A.N.T.), Dead Debbie and others, will attempt to solve the mystery of the missing doppelgangers as they take on the evil CROSSOVERLORD! And then when a league of doppelgangers threaten the stability of the universe, it's up to Mindmistress once more to join forces with Valkyrie Yuuki, Fusion, Energize, Captain Perfect, and others to stop the evil Doppelganger Gang in CROSSOVERKILL!


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And that's the end. Hope you all enjoyed this short, character-driven tale.

Things get kind of dark moving forward, so both of these characters needed one last happy moment.

For those of you who haven't, I strongly urge you now to read the second arc of Energize, titled “Hunted”. It deals further with Energize being on the run from Heroes Unite.

Seeing as the Energize/Dasien continuity was done ad hoc, I can't say whether these comics will add anything to the overall Energize story, because in the end, those stories are completely different. Luke and I have very distinct writing styles, but I hope you find Energize's role in the Dasien story line to be complementary to Luke's version of the character, and I hope that these brief encounters between the two characters will play out more for events set in the future.
One more to go! Check back late in the evening on New Year's Eve!
Incidentally, this epilogue happens prior to the Energize Hunted saga, in which Energize's powered-up form will appear again. But for now, it's back to his pre-Crossoverkill form, which you'll see on the next page.

By pure happenstance, Sean Boyer's Fusion has caught up to Crossoverkill as well, and you can read a two-page recap of those adventures right here.

As you may recall, it was Fusion who helped Energize focus his powers during that saga.

We didn't coordinate this at all. Talk about a happy coincidence!
I almost forgot to draw the cocoa mugs on this page. A very last-minute addition to the page in panel 1.

Mike seems a bit nervous about how to handle his powers, but Dasien tells him that sometimes he'll have to rely on his own judgment.
Like I said a couple pages ago, the art is a little inconsistent here. This is another casualty of my super hiatus. Art from 2010 meets art from 2015.

Still, I found certain illustrations so charming that I wouldn't dare redraw them. The last panel, especially.
Now that it's after Christmas, it's time to add Christmas themes to the comic, I guess.

Still, a very warm, late night setting. I used to turn out all the lights and watch how the tree lights speckle against the wall, so I used that here.
Great page
Hey, Crossover cadets! Hope you're having a nice Christmas.

So did you notice how Dasien didn't mind the cold in the Yuuki crossover? What explanation do I have for this inconsistency? Uhh… It's colder in this comic! Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket!

Hey, speaking of inconsistency, you'll certainly notice how the art shifts on this page. Dasien looks far better in panel 1 on that she does in the other two panels. That's because some of this art is pretty old, and my art got better while I was procrastinating.
I don't think Mike would care
And now, at long last, here is the long-awaited, never-before-seen epilogue to Crossoverkill!
Yuuki is already plotting her revenge
Alternate cover by Neil.
Alternate cover by Kittyhawk.
Yeah or hit him with a hammer
Well at least someones happy
Time to time warp, again
@Mr. Neil: just imagine how epic it would be if she faced off against that robot Santa from Futurama. XD
Someone is about to have a broken robot
Her suit vibrates rapidly to generate heat and thus keeping her warm