Sorcerers and their adventures in the human world as part of an outreach program. A comic about love and family.


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too late, i already have a wrong idea XD
Oh my god that blushing is so adorable >D
I'm likin' this David fellow so far haha. Might be way off the mark but he strikes me as kinda.. pragmatic in a way..
What a darling page... I love how he's sneakily helping out with the octopuses qvq
And the regular comic is back!

Wallace that's rude (though to be fair Clarence was rude first)

Thanks for reading!
The end! Thank you for joining me on this journey, we will be back to regular updates next weekend!

I really want to do more of these guides, so if you have any questions please let me know! This was really fun to do and I enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you for reading!
The last really informative page! Tomorrow's page is mostly just a send off.

Bondmate candidates are important and so is Kanani's ponytail.
I would like to repeat - bonding =/= romance

It CAN happen, it's likely, but it's not a guaranteed for sure thing.

So I hope that cleared up some confusion! We still have two pages to go, thanks for reading so far!
Oooooh, this is really interesting so far! It's a lot of fun finally getting a real explanation to this! >u< If the picture is their dramatization of the event, then I wonder how THEIR bonding happened! :D
This page is not entirely necessary but...

Well, you all needed that picture in your life, right?

(It says dramatization because this is NOT how their bond happened, but it is what it looks like!)
Oh, so intricate!
@Moonmean: I hope this answers them!
And here's page 1!
yay, I have so many questions and await them answers *v* I love info dumps XD
Hey guys, welcome to the Guide to Bonding!

It's going to be five pages, and post every day until it's done!

(In a few weeks I'll move it between Chapters 2 and 3, but for now it is here)

I hoe you enjoy it and learn something! Thanks for reading!
June 19th, 2017
Woohoo, super excited for the mini comic! I am very curious to see what truly is going on here!
@akiwitch: ah i see! I have a similar sort of thing happening in my own comic! I find it interesting how great minds come up with great ideas. :)
Everybody's hand holdn and that's lovely ^//x//^
@Darkhalo4321: Yes exactly! :D More about bonding VERY soon!
@natta0202: It'll be happening... in a slightly different manner than planned, but faster!