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As a kid, Victor dreamed of training to be a superhero. That didn't go so well.

Now, nine years later, Victor is a resident at the Earl Estate, a home for kids who haven't yet demonstrated that they can control their powers. With his 18th birthday - and a transfer - only a few weeks away, he has one last chance to prove he is capable enough to receive his licence and go home.

Inhibit started in January 2015 and updates every Wednesday!


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stay stuck on the floor, dude
ive hated drawing this van. goodbye van

i got a bunch of art books i'll be selling at conventions this year! they're beautiful and i love them. i'm doing a wee giveaway so if you'd like to get your hands on some copies you can enter on both tumblr and twitter, or you can just buy them from my storenvy! i'll be picking the winners at 11pm GMT tonight so best of luck!

<img src=" rY30a1sk8b4wo1_r1_1280.png">
double update because i love you!!! make sure you go back if you missed the first page of this update!!!!!
yeah u got a hearing problem???

this is a double update!! click next!!!!!! get that sweet second page!!!!!!!!!
i love staying inside where the action isn't.

hey what's up, i had a great holiday, im so fuckin pumped for this scene

ive got a whole bunch of stuff to show you!!! check out these victors! this one and this one, nice nice ncie. also my friend spire designed some actual proper logos for the different facilities, look how good these are. ALSO also the mbmbam show's real good huh
February 14th, 2017
sorry, i can't hear you, you're mumbling

no pages for two weeks, i'm on holiday! :V we'll be back march 29th!!
February 13th, 2017
less believing in yourself, more believing in ME
January 31st, 2017
remember that thing that happened *checks watch* two years ago

HEY GUESS WHAT i'm tabling at thought bubble this september! i'm going to be sharing a table with my friend capp, it's gonna be great. i'm also gonna be at granite city comic con in aberdeen in may with my friend steff so come say hi
January 30th, 2017
there's an aerodactyl back there turn around nOW
January 26th, 2017
who are you, my mum

some beautiful art to show you: a nate, a masha, and two victors!!
January 24th, 2017

the cast page got a makeover!! also check out this fanart!!
January 7th, 2017
oh right. our main character

EDIT: if you were confused by last week's page, I've edited it slightly to hopefully be a bit less vague! Sorry about that!
January 2nd, 2017
We're back! Thanks for your patience!

All the reader questions have been moved to the Extras page! If you missed them, just click here to read them all.

Also, disqus is now the only way to comment on the site! Having two commenting systems felt very clunky and disqus is definitely much easier to manage, hope you like iitttt

Inhibit got featured on both Smackjeeves and Webtoons over the hiatus, which is super cool! Thank you!!! Inhibit is now also part of the tipping program over on the Tapastic app if that's how you like to read your comics :V

Lastly, some fanart!

That's all the news I got, see you next week! <3

EDIT: a lot of people were confused about the page and i realised i wasn't conveying what was going on well enough! i edited it slightly to hopefully be a bit less vague, sorry about that!
December 11th, 2016
and with that, we're going on a three week break ;V

im not leaving you update-less, there'll be reader questions posted every sunday and wednesday so check back for those! the first question will be posted jan 1st, and pages will be back on jan 18th.

also please please PLEASE look at this amazing christmas present my friend steff drew for me, i absolutely adore it, it's so good. any book cover i end up drawing now will pale in comparison. you can check out more of her art on her tumblr and read her comic over on tapastic!

see you soon! <3
December 8th, 2016
@Oly-RRR: oh man dont tempt me
December 8th, 2016
@evegwood: GOOD

pssst that would also make good holiday break art if you don't get enough questions 8)
December 8th, 2016
@Oly-RRR: i havent, but i DEFINITELY have extensive lists of every single character's pokemon teams
December 8th, 2016
@evegwood: yesss they are great (I don't have them yet but I need them) - trying to limit my pokemon time until I start updating the comic again so I'm only on the second island

HEY A POSSIBLY WEIRD QUESTION BUT - have you ever played pokemon games with Inhibit characters as trainers?
December 8th, 2016
@evegwood: after reading the rest of this scene I'M ALREADY AFRAID
December 8th, 2016
@Oly-RRR: there are SOOO many good pokemon this generation!! im especially in love with salandit and mimikyuu