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When Did You Fall?

When Did You Fall?

by blackmoongirl2424
To Demando, being an Angel sucks. So in order for him to get out, three questions have to be answered: how far would you go to get out of Heaven? Would you be willing to fake your sexuality? And if it worked...what then?

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2 Years Ago

When Did You Fall?

To Demando, being an Angel sucks. So in order for him to get out, three questions have to be answered: how far would you go to get out of Heaven? Would you be willing to fake your sexuality? And if it worked...what then?

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August 11th, 2017
I haven't died yet...
Just finished Summer School I and II. 5 days a week, and work all day on weekends. So this was another page I had been chipping on with 70% of the inking being done for quite a while. TT.TT;; I wasn't expecting Summer I to be so demanding, but my teacher decided that he didn't want any of the students cramming for a test every Thursday--so why not have a test everyday?? (OWQ!!) And Summer II was Accounting. OI. Hence the absence.

Anyways, we have 2 pages left for Chapter 4! \(;w;)/ Not only that, be expecting a whole lotta other updates in August outside of just pages. I'll get into detail about it after Chapter 4 is complete. I've been chipping away at them since February and I'm pretty excited to start the new year fresh(I register more with Academic year vs Jan 1st >_>; ).

Again, thank y'all for being so awesome~! I really appreciate your patience with me.
The fun part about drawing comics...
is those reactions from characters that you didn't exactly plan. I thumb my pages for the layout and use stickmen for placement/important expressions. Sometimes it's just general shock or yelling or whatever. Like the last panel of Page 90, it was Jet responding to the unison shock of his friends. It turned into a stupidly hilarious exasperated expression of dealing with a bunch of jumping-the-gun teenagers.

And now we have this page, an exchange between Jasper and Marc that ends with a slight twinge that Jasper wants to strangle him. In the thumbs the 2nd to last panel had Jasper obviously mad with Marc, and when drawing I ended up with something 100x better. Just MUAH MUAH MUAH.

Anyways, I'm sorry for the absence I had to deal with pre-finals week, finals week, and "leave me to die" aftermath. I'm just glad to be done with this semester >3>;;
Y'know what made me laugh the other day...?
That the first panel took me more than half of the time of the rest of the page...just sketching. My perfectionism goes crazy when attempting the Mango, most likely because there are set expectations and it takes me hours before I'm satisfied with any of the results.

Considering I've posted this page, I'm happy with how it turned out. It's a much simpler page, but I like the elements presented on this page. And I can't lie--the only reason I really wanted this page to have a colored panel was because those violet eyes are a must when pointing out Prince Diamond's beauty. It also helps taking notice of the differences between western vs Manga layout styles that properly fuel the flames of this page, even if it is just one panel.

Life is a constant whack, no? At the very least it has consistently been mine for a straight 3 years. Good thing it has been great schoolwise this semester, but life always finds a way. A storm has passed through for my family so my dad's now back in college, which has taken a good chunck of my time helping him with his writing homework and the remainder of my time/emotional energy had also been taken since my grandmother had been admitted into hospice then into the eventual mourning.

Every day I'm thankful that I haven't lost my muse or my will. Because it's tiring and frustrating feeling like I haven't progressed as far as I should be by this point. Having stupidly long gaps between updates. I don't even get on Smack Jeeves unless I have an update. Again, just thank you for being patient with me, I'm still gonna be trucking along till I get this story done. ;-;

ANYWAYS, getting to the actual comic page. It's another page that I've been chipping away at when time has permitted me to. Either way I friggin love this page. Turned out pretty much how I wanted it to, and that's always a little home run for me. owo

I'm also reminded in ways as to why I like doing this comic greyscale, not only would color take me too stupidly long per page, nor do I believe that the comic doesn't really...need it, but I like how it keeps me aware of making sure busier scenes contrast and read properly. This is just a really nice grey page. =w=;
Purple hair...
I love Jet with it. The fun thing about Jet is that he likes to dye his hair, some colors he keeps longer than others (especially depending on how well it compliments the pink). Although maintenance must be a pain. =A=
January 27th, 2017
I love these guys...
This little quad is always fun to write and draw. And as I've stated before: this is one of those pages I wish I had more space. I had to pull out my tiny ink pens for this page. Good thing it isn't a page that needs a whole lotta detail anyways @A@; Regardless, Marc and Jasper's interactions give me life.
January 11th, 2017
A bit later than usual...
I normally try to make it a habit of updating at the same time (6 PM where I'm at). But eh, it's not uber late.

Took a bit longer than I would've liked on this page since I realized that I needed to take more pictures for references (yeah, this mall exists). @3@;; Overall I like how the page came out. =w=;
January 5th, 2017
@Lucifus: Kills all day, every day.
January 5th, 2017

Math kills.
December 30th, 2016
I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas...
and will be enjoying a very happy New Years.

The general goal of this upcoming year is to get back to a consistent pace. The year before was BLEH, DRAMA DRAMA drAAMA and Trash which seeped into 2016 (I pray you never have a sibling that acts like a pure teenager even after High School), once THAT was done my stupidly stressful semester began. @w@; 3 math classes. Never again.

Anyways, I honestly debated doing this page but then remembered: no page limits, and I've already done a hard transition. So yeah, about 5 pages left, 6 at most. =w=; After this chapter, the next few will be on the short side.
December 10th, 2016
November 16th, 2016
I've literally been chipping away at this page since the previous page was posted. Ouch. @_@; This semester has sucked as far as school goes, I'm doing alright but there hasn't been too much time between school and work if only I was smart enough to realize that I picked up 3 math classes (not my strongest subject by a long shot TTwTT;; ). Learned my lesson and the semester is closing up. I'm probably not gonna change my work schedule much IRL, maybe add a day, just so I can focus on regaining momentum.

Again, I love y'all and y'all are awesome~!! >w</
August 8th, 2016
The power of the Rush compels you!
So noisy...and meta...
in various levels. This page was literally me these past three days. I ended up sleeping in through a deadline with some summer school stuff, and then I misread my work schedule (luckily I didn't walk out by mistake). It was 10-:30 to 6...not 10:30 to 2... =| So I had to rush to get back home, stepped one foot on the door and ran out with Dad and sis to see Guns n Roses.

Now I'm currently on the road from San Antonio after getting home at 2 AM and leaving at 6 AM. Life is so insane sometimes. ;w;

So a rare Saturday update, since I had already promised 2 updates this week. Amazing how 3 hours make such a difference.
Page blocks...
I had such a hard time with this page, I ended up scrapping the thumbnail for this page and starting over. The only thing I kept was the top part.

Going back and reading some manga, definitely helped getting this ball rolling again with this page.

I did work on the next few pages after this one, so there will be an update on Friday. Aaand if I'm not stabbing myself on the face because MOAR PErsPECTIVE/BACKGROUNDS, there should be one on Monday too. Gotta keep this train a rollin'!

Thank you so much, guys, for being awesome to me this year. It's been really tough for me on this side of the world externally and internally that has put a lot of breaks and slowing downs on updates. It really means the world to me. ;w;/
A few more pages to go
Oi, this chapter was pretty long and it'll be the longest one for a while until maybe Chapter 8. Chapter 5 and 6 are expected to be short chapters.
As par usual...
I tend to go back and reread my pages, to internally scream as well as laugh at my own dumb jokes again. It rejuvenates how much of a personal project this is for me, not that I need the reminder haha. I understand that it may not move as quickly as most BLs do, but I like how there's that breathing space for each event instead of just throwing as much as I can to the audience. There's a reason as to why I split everything up into Parts haha.
@Lucifus: Haha, it DOES do that.

Gah, thank yas, you're too kind. /)owo(\
Maybe if I had gone for an Animation degree...
I would've had the ability to draw consistently beaten into me. Among other things, LIKE PERSPECTIVE. I dunno, maybe I'm a masochist or I like to think beyond my current ability, but eh. That's the point, to force myself to practice outside of what I'm comfortable with doing. Funny enough, I'm pretty sure that's the learning theme of this chapter: "PRACTICE PERSPECTIVE!" Bear in mind that it's not awesome three-point-perspective or whatever, but it's something.
May 18th, 2016
The walls of the last panel flicker when i scroll. I find this amusing.

And the page looks fine. You're a good artist making a good webcomic.