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Night of Fire

This story takes place in an AU version of the movie Osmosis Jones, starting from the day Thrax came into City of Frank, sorta.

Recent Comments

February 2nd, 2019
February 1st, 2019
stop being hot and adorable! what is wrong with me!!
February 1st, 2019
*screams internaly* why!
February 1st, 2019
hmm i'm interested
October 18th, 2018
The size difference is adorable.
Hell yeah Thrax! Show us what you’ve got!
September 30th, 2018
Let the boogie begin!!!
August 6th, 2018
How in the name of Frank did I not know about this story until today?!
geez learn to share
September 14th, 2016
Has this comic been abandoned?
September 11th, 2016
Yay an update!
I was wondering what he would look like without it too! I bet he looks good.
August 23rd, 2016
Is this comic going to be continued?
November 10th, 2015
Retrovirus HIV.What makes me in doubt is why he hasn't yet blown-up and reproduced.
carlyanne (Guest)
September 4th, 2015
OMG!!!!!! I need more! This is amazing. What days will you update.
July 28th, 2015
My guess is he's a cancer cell...
or some other alto-immune disease.
My first guess was HIV I but now don't think he'd be much sane(and cause it's a retrovirus so there'd be a parasite character speaking to Ozzie).
February 17th, 2015
I'm not even going to lie..... I love this comic and I look forward to updates, Keep up the good work and plz keep the pages coming.