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Not Quite Suitable for Children Stories

by GoneRogue
I probably should never write children stories, but I'm going to do it anyways. Stories ranging from G to R, written by Cynthia S. (GoneRogue).

Artists vary by story.
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4 Years Ago
I probably should never write children stories, but I'm going to do it anyways. Stories ranging from G to R, written by Cynthia S. (GoneRogue).

Artists vary by story.


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uhm... go cerania
Finally, an appearance made by that unicorn we've been hearing so much about!

Thank you for everyone who has liked Not Quite Suitable for Children Stories so far. We're only fifteen pages left until the end of The Unicorn Princess! Then the next story will be posted once I've acquired an artist.
Art is done by mangOkappu ( Thanks for all your hard work! I couldn't have done it without you. :D
@trashydaytrashynugget: You know, it's almost as much a surprise for me what I'm actually going to post on time. Or at all. :D

I do what I can though!
@thelostzelda: Oh my, are you giving my page "the eyes"? blush
@Stevarooni: Well thank you! :D

I'm glad you say that because in September I'll be drawing my two webcomics, working AND I'll be back in university. Anarchy and rioting will undoubtedly ensue.
@dragonfly_kites: Thanks!! I've now written enough to honestly say it's shaping up nicely. Before, I was just making images as I went.... kind of risky business. :T

The Sassy Pig was a solid story too, I'll finish posting that later. It looks like I'm doing the art for the stories now!
I'm really excited to see where this one goes I loved the Unicorn Princess and this one looks like its going to be just as good.
Life happens
@GoneRogue: No worries. Thanks for the update! Life happens, and sidetracks plans. Update when you can, and we'll read more. :)
With my sister in the hospital for her surgery this week, it's been impossible to keep up with my schedules. I've also been pulling overtime at work, but that's been in the early mornings..

ANYWAYS. I'll have an extra update tomorrow to make up for not updating last week!
this is all I have to say about this page
@GoneRogue: i hope its not the one with spaghettis and meatballs! ;o;
@trashydaytrashynugget: Why, thank you! This story is shaping up to be pretty lengthy, so I'm hoping to update more than once a week. That way we can get through the other stories I've already finished writing too.
wonder whats next? I am so digging your stories ;v;
Here's me making some pictures with my FANTASTIC ARTISTIC ABILITIES because I want to actually update. Not entirely sure what happened with the artist for Sassy Pig. We'll return to that story when I've sorted things out? :D

You may be stuck with my art for the next while though. Apologies.

Oh, and I just started writing this story yesterday, so let's see how I do winging it!
Ooh! :D
Sass, huh. This'll be interesting. :o
Ready for Round Two
Thanks to everyone that was so patient waiting for the next instalment of Not Quite Suitable for Children Stories. The first page will post tomorrow, but here we have the title!

This story is for my friend, Diana. The art is done by a personal friend, Brittany.