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Smoggy Skies: A Pokemon White Nuzlocke

Zack, in an attempt to cleanse himself of the memories of his fallen comrades, has traveled to the land of Unova.

(Sequel comic to High Tides: A Pokemon Sapphire Nuzlocke, but you do not need to have read it first in order to enjoy the story.)

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@Starmanfan: yeah, just... i don't think smoggy skies is good enough. that's pretty much it haha
@zacksims123: It's okay :'). I'm reading it RIGHT NOW!!!
Aw jeez...
...I hope you reconsider, but it's up to you in the end, I respect what choice you make.
@Starmanfan: im sowwy!! ive started a new story if you guys are interested in seeing it. this one might be canned;;
I miss you and this comic @zacksims123 :'(
Still wondering what happened to Cheren's Pignite. :(
Hey, is this still active? Would be a shame if this grand comic died.
@supremepizza: im glad !!!
that was adorable omg! makes me love lilith so much more!!
@yakuzakid: THANK u !!
@Starmanfan: we'll see i guess!
@TheJGamer: i... i mean... whatever floats your boat...
!!! that was so cute omg
brooo I love it

but can zack keep his promise
I hope so
@qaidus: sdhbfshbgdhfndfndf i want that shirt
@qaidus: i think a lot of people don't let it happen! people run something called "starter clause". or maybe theyre just more careful lol
these are all so cOOL

i went to this family reunion and they had t-shirts that said "i survived la chancla" im wheezign
this is the first comic ive seen with the starter dying wow
68 subscribers already? Haaax!

On the video: Zack x Lilith? SHIPPED! OTP CONFIRMED!!!