Home is a Distant Wish

A space opera about a group of people who get stuck in the middle of a complicated political situation.

(Warning for violence, blood, partial nudity and strong language.)


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Happy Valentine's Day! Here's some cards with terrible puns. I actually made six of these but couldn't fit them all here. However you can find the rest at my tumblr.

I hope you all have a lovely day!
February 13th, 2017
Haha! This looks like a failing netflix and chill. XD
But seriously this page is very beautiful.
February 13th, 2017
@Simone_V: Yeah, I guess there's similarities. I'm not as cool as the designers of ME though, since I just got my inspiration from gas masks. :D

Glad to hear you like it!
February 13th, 2017
Must be a boring movie...
February 11th, 2017
Ores reminds me of the Quarians / Tali etc.. From Mass Effect x3 It's the suit and the mask i bet haha

Love your comic so far~ (started reading it today)
January 23rd, 2017
@Magnolia98: Movie night, Netflix & chill... Same thing basically. :D
January 16th, 2017
Netflix & Chill?
@Jurinova: Thanks so much for responding <3

P.S. You're welcome C:
January 9th, 2017
@Too lazy to login :'): Thank you for taking time to read my comic and liking it! Gosh, I feel so flattered that you find my style inspiring. That is such a high compliment. Thank you! C:

I use FireAlpaca and Photoshop but most of the colouring and lineart I do in FireAlpaca.
I've come across this comic afew times but never really got the chance to read it... now that I have, I've read it all in one go (best hour of my life xD) You're art style is inspiring for me, and I just LOVE the pink haired boy and the guy with the helmets' realationship so far... I'm kinda shipping it.. <3 (sorry I'm bad with names :( ) You're choice of shading is gorgeous, not to mention the creativity of this comic is amazing! I've fallen in love with almost every character!!

P.S. Omg I really like the little people you drew who kinda look like bunnies XD

P.P.S. What drawing program do you use??
January 2nd, 2017
Alright, here we go. Onwards to Chapter 5!
December 28th, 2016
First time reading and will not be the last :)
December 26th, 2016
And that's it for Chapter 4! Thank you for reading and see you soon for Chapter 5.
Aww, that's really sweet
Happy Holidays! Here's a quick and silly bonus comic for all you lovely people.
December 19th, 2016
@Nana <3: Hihii, thank you so much! You're too kind!
Nana <3
December 14th, 2016
what the FNUCK this comic is soooo good omg... the characters ! the coloring ! the designs, the world, the pacing. This is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing ! I adore it.
November 28th, 2016
It's these guys again.
November 28th, 2016
@Renly: I'm... speechless. Such praise! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I totally build my story on the little moments, so I'm thrilled to hear they're appreciated. It's such a huge compliment to hear that the characters I've created with love are also loved by readers. So, thank you once more! You are wonderful!

@Kiyou: Thank you so very much! I am sure to sleep well after such heartwarming compliments. :)
November 23rd, 2016
Read this in one sitting too and everything that the above comment says is so true!Your an amazing storyteller! Sleep well and stay healthy author-san!