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Victim. Gate of Spirits

It is a yaoi (BL) webcomic about people, who live close to the swamp.

We draw it because we love stories about fantasy, undeads, ancient mysteries and BL... If you also like it, we hope you'll have a good time!

Read left to right.

Attention: there comic contains sexual scenes. All involved characters are mature and do it by mutual agreement.

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i believe in you....
-.-; wtf ivo lol
21 hours ago
Just because Ivo is physically attracted to Dragosh, and showed arousal while he was being raped, doesn't mean that Ivo wants to, or is obliged to enter a relationship.

I'm guessing that Ivo wouldn't think twice about this if Dragosh were an unattractive chap. Everyone ignores your bad points when you're a heartbreakingly hot sexy badass bone-wielding warrior pharmacist, who I'm presuming (haven't read the sections of the comic on patreon) also appears to be absolute fucking dynamite between the sheets.
2 days ago
Why are you two beating me up over my comment. All I meant was you hit the nail on the head and sound professional. Give it a rest.
February 18th, 2017
@Snowwolf: agree that Dragosh has pent up issues with Ivo, and that he has snapped mentally too.. i'm just not sure latter is only due to his obsession with Ivo. somehow i got the feeling something weird has happened to him, and if it's the case, maybe some "village life rehab" to resocialize him isn't enough. like, 2 independent problems: 1 being his overdriven attraction to Ivo, the other being his loss of humanity - whatever that means here.. hence the situation being double twisted.. i dunno, maybe i'm reading too much into it and fantasizing about stuff i hallucinated between the lines *shrug*..
though i still think that Ivo isn't honest with himself and Dragosh about being attracted too and about his reasons to want Dragosh back in the village.. also, Ivo doesn't realize the matter is more complicated than he thinks, does even know all there is to know about D? or am i sensing a darkness where there isn't any? what i see in my mind is Dragosh back in the village and suddenly going all werecreature on their asses or something.. hey, swamp infested with undead beasties, and the guy living there was totally untouched? not mentioning his frequent use of portals.. imho, Dragosh has ofc the obvious stalkerish obsessive manic vibe about Ivo, but also something else, more supernatural, which might be the reason why he never came back in the 1st place. and if not, i should maybe stop watching a certain brand of series XD
fanfic3112 (Guest)
February 17th, 2017
Ivo is just trying to deny he wants it also
Dragosh is being honest about what he wants and that he is having a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He doesn't want Ivo to hate him but he wants him so much. Ivo just doesn't get that Dragosh feelings aren't going anywhere or changing. He knows what he wants and can't stop those feelings. Alone with Ivo in the middle of nowhere it's hard to keep a grip on his feelings. He's been alone for years and it's like his fantasy is everyday just a centimeter away. He doesn't want to keep up the "friends" bond cause it's not enough anymore and maybe he's had years to realize that was never what he really wanted from Ivo. It was always more send he's a man now. If that's not what Ivo wants it's almost to painful being around him. Ivo is obviously attracted to Dragosh also but can't admit it to himself. Yet he had bern looking for him for years and never gave up hope and can't imagine letting him go now. Ivo needs to just take a walk on the wild side physically if he truly doesn't wasn't to lose Dragosh. Maybe fear of facing ivos rejection is part of what kept Dragosh from returning to the village. Ivo doesn't realize that everytime he pushes Dragosh away, belittles his feelings, tells him to control himself, says he's just become obsessed because he was lonely (like Dragosh does not know his own feelings)...then he us hurting and rejecting Dragosh. He sees Dragosh as all tough and the aggressor here but in reality Dragosh is still just a boy who has bern all alone for a long time and finally told the one person he cares about most in the world how he feels and he us rejecting him over and over again. Ivo needs to keep dome distance between him and Dragosh or Dragosh control is going to snap next time he makes light of his feelings. I think Dragosh needs to just start stripping his shirt off and let Ivo start getting hot and bothered so he knows how Dragosh that doesn't work then when they back yo the village Dragosh needs yo start bring attentive to another girl or guy and just see how quickly Ivo starts regretting losing Dragosh attention!
February 17th, 2017
@derpydork596: Huh!! Me too!!
February 17th, 2017
Can it be cured with flirting and consensual sex??
February 17th, 2017
That was so mean. You know what, screw Ivo, I hope he gets what's comin' to him. There is no way I'm gonna feel bad for this jerk! Such a jerk to Dragosh! Be happy the dude ain't rape you, but no. Such a jerk!! Damn!
February 17th, 2017
@portisHeart: Yes exactly! Well said. <3
Snowwolf (Guest)
February 17th, 2017
@portisHeart: Agree, same sex love is not a problem. Disagree, this means Dragosh isn't at least a little sick/obsessed. His attraction to Ivo is fine, the fact he's so pent up/volatile isn't. He's spent 5 years obsessing about Ivo, 'talking' to him, fantasizing about him. It's very likely that he's snapped mentally and that's probably what Ivo's really talking about. Cause if Dragosh was okay then he could go back to the village and be happy even if he and Ivo couldn't really be together.
February 17th, 2017
Hey Dragosh, maybe Ivo would take your feelings towards him more seriously if you didn't sexually assault him and then constantly sulk about it for the past two weeks?
February 17th, 2017
The whole time I have been reading the title as victim of the gate spirit
February 17th, 2017
Ivo, come on.
February 17th, 2017
Ivo....-face palm-
February 17th, 2017
Oh no, why would you say that
February 17th, 2017
yup. same sex attraction isn't a sickness to be cured of, nor is love. also, "feel better" sounds so patronizing. and honestly, dude, Ivo, you're totally denying you have at least a little of exactly both those feelings towards Dragosh. cuz wanting him to go back with you shows it so clearly - you just want him near you, not "getting better". ideal would be to go back with him in the swamp - you'd be together, and D wouldn't have to put up with a village life that isn't, for various reasons, cut for him any more. i hope you'll get that soon, Ivo..
Zombie Cinnamon Coffee
February 17th, 2017
Early updates (+71 pages) and extra episodes on our Patreon:

February 17th, 2017
@yasha.queen: lmao.. where's that coming from? and no, i don't have any. besides, from the standpoint of those professionals, i guess i don't score very high on the normality scale either XD
February 17th, 2017
I spend half of my time furious with Dragosh and the other half marvelling at his Byronic beauty. It's agony, but now I can totally see how yaoi can be addictive, especially with beautiful art like this!
February 17th, 2017
@yasha.queen: Do you need one to see that it's not the norm?