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My Name Is Alice

An Alice in Wonderland where things are a bit more twisted than they seem.
Warning: Psychological horror.

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WHIT!!!!!!!!!! :D
hahaha! i love the panel that sh'e mocking him in! XD
I feel so bad for poor Alice!
That would drive me.....mad! :D
Have you like, improved your art at all?
0.0 nice catch!
Man this comic was an awesome take on Alice in Wonderland. Can't wait for the (possible) new chapters!
@Karla: Don't worry. It's cute.
More theorys
I hope is okay that i keep posting my silly theories while i read the comic, sorry if its a litle anoying. But the Cat girl said she was the sixth, could it be the sixth human that have fallen but never was able to leave again? Who knows (The author of the comic knows).
A new Alice? what hapenned to the original one? did she...die? more questions than answers
Okay, so she cant say her name, my theory is that if she say it, perhaps se would be stuck there forever, unable to leave, maybe because the name is something like super personal.
I love his name 10/10.
Aw, man the rabbit boy dosent have a name, he is cute tho.
I love the art, and the story is really intersting, the characthers are cute and the jokes are clever, i am going to read it all.
y'all told me to comment so im declaring that this is some,,, good shit
The notes are for a song called Alice of Human Sacrifice by Yugami-P.
@SB123: hey man, you don't have to be so harsh about it. At least it's true to the original book. Disney couldn't even handle that. Not everyone can be a perfect artist either.
This is a perfect example of why I love this comic, the timing, expressions and over all expressiveness of the characters makes everything about this feel wonderful
March 11th, 2016
Holy shit, what is this crap?
Like, this is a horrible adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The art is beyond shit, the characters are bland as moldy spaghetti, you can just read the story by buying the book--the only good thing about this is that some of the jokes are a slight bit funny. However, that doesn't outweigh the shit art, shit story, shit characters, and everything else that's shit.
@Yenzala: yeah so far everything is actually following the book pretty well.
January 30th, 2016
It's been a while since I've read it, but you're going more closely from the book? Right?