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Accepting Author Applications

1) Skilled in both presentation AND writing.
2) Decent sprites/characters.
3) Send a link of your best work when you apply.
4) Try to be able to update regularly. If you can't, you better let us know.
5) Don't be a douche. Respect your fellow authors... I mean it.
6) Run all ideas by UTH or Kinny.

Apply as a Co-Author
Yet another remake of the Haunted House author comic franchise... This should work perfectly.

Need heroes and villains.

Plot description coming soon.

Recent Comments

@Syogren: *Insert Knuckles jingle here*
And they were never heard from again.
@Ren Fowl: He speaks backwards japanese.
TIME FOR THE ULTIMATE- wait, he's elsewhere.
where can i findz the sprites plz
Jerry speaks doll?
Let's not die. c:
@Royle McCulloch: Ah, I see. Thank you for your time.
@Oracle_Summon: As I understand the house retains no constant layout.
House Layout?
Do you guys have a map of the House that shows its layout?

I believe that would be useful for new people wanting to join the comic. It would also help existing members if current character placement in the house was displayed on said map.
@Syogren: It's classic to test your opponents capabilities with canon fodder.


Yeah whoever's sending these slimes at 'em better step up their game.
Don't let them eat you.
goddamn bats
Immovable objects.
Slimes, slimes, everywhere! Lol Blackout's face in Panel 8, so distressed.
November 9th, 2015
@kinny-man: Nah we got a wait a momemtn for everyone to fight so hard they end up in the comment sections.
November 1st, 2015
Does this mean the Comic has, like, BEGUN now?
You sir... Are the fucking best. This just made my Halloween.