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The new age of combatitive sport is upon us! No more do tournaments rule the waves, with our competitive heroes being a flash in the pan. Now is the time for building stars!
Prepare to view various independent fighters join a roster of competitors all ready to prove they are the best, working against each other for the new greatest prize in sports entertainment! The FNF Title!
Are you ready to make your Friday Nights just that little bit more... ferocious?

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May 25th, 2016
How DARE you put this on hiatus, you SCUMBAG.

Overall though, a fantastic and very satisfying fight to watch! Here's hoping we can have this match-up again, without the interruptions from a certain asshole.
Well, that was hecka climatic, up until Henk rudely interfered.
Still, there should be rules about the interferer being the one who suffers, not the bystander opposition. I might have started rooting for Frenzy towards the end there, but Akuma earned that victory fair and square and had no idea Henk would jump in and pull a stunt like that. >:c

Anyways! Good luck with Bar'd 400 Dreg! I don't mind a bit of slowdown with updates until then! Just do your absolute best and take your time~ =3
May 20th, 2016
Now for an ad break
May 19th, 2016
And with that, episode one is done and done! It went muuuch longer than I anticipated when first going into this, but still - four fights done, four individuals on to the next round of the tournament; Meteor, Michi, Koal and Frenzy! Of course, still, plenty more to see from our other contestants!
Sooo, how do people think it went? Should be a couple more polls up now on the 'Match Record' page - this time covering 'Match of the Night' aaand 'Favourite Entrance'. So yeah, if you have any opinions on that, head on over to there!

One unfortunate announcement to make however; The comic shall be going a small break. Shouldn't be for long, the only reason is... Well, for those of you who follow my other comic Bar'd, you may've noticed it's coming rather close to Page 400. And for my 100th pages on that I tend to do... raaather large special pages.
I'm not expecting to put FNF on pause all the way til 400 is done (unless I manage to get it done like, really fast), but just holding things here just so I can at least get into the swing of getting Bar'd ahead. Buying myself extra time essentially.
So yes, FNF is on hiatus for now - but shall be returning soon! See you on the other side!

But yeah, that's gonna count for a disqualification right? There's no way that's legal. 8I
ooo..., he is so dead.
Woo Frenzy wins
Hey that's cheating. Akuma can beat his ass alone
Ah the classic outside fighter punches out other fighter and DQ's the opponent.


I'm gonna kick your asshole, Dregan.

And come on, I'm sure the rock effect wasn't THAT bad. It's looks easy, you wuss.
On a more serious note, I am GREATLY enjoying that this comic isn't just a 'fight, fight, here's another fight' but you're actually, you know, incorporating story elements into it.
I am also ashamed that you didn't title it 'Punch-Out'
We have a winner?
First things first; Thank you for 100 fans! I'm honestly so genuinely surprised - especially after what was quite a slow start - that such interest has picked up! I unfortunately don't have too much special to show as a form of celebration - but still, thank you so very much! Hope you continue to enjoy the series as it move into the future!

Apologies for the lateness of this page! I was visiting Spekkal for a few days, and thus that pushed back progress a bit. You can show her your disapproval by going over to this comic and reading it;

Either way, here we go! Some of you requested Henk to stop creepily standing around and watching, so he's gone and resolved that for you! Ain't he a stand-up guy?
I'll tell you one thing though - doing the effect of rocks smashing across someone's face is much more difficult than I anticipated! Especially when Henk is so much shorter than his intended target. Gonna have to have him start fighting in platform heels.


And now onto the poll!
Frenzy; 18 votes (53%)
Akuma; 16 votes (47%)

Aaand it looks like Frenzy was the one people were wanting to win! Albeit, I imagine most weren't exactly thinking in this manner.
This vote was a reeeaaal interesting one to watch. By all accounts, Akuma was the anticipated winner of the poll, what with being the more recognisable of the two characters, coming in with arguably the biggest fanbase/following of any currently revealed competitor.
Aaand in the lead-up, everything seemed to match up to this expectation. After the revelation of the competitors, there was an influx of votes for Akuma, pushing him into a significant lead. Frenzy meanwhile had a slow trickle of votes. A slow trickle that grew... and grew...
And suddenly, the day before the first page of them actually fighting went up, Frenzy was one vote up on Akuma. And then he... stayed, just above. Through the course of the entire fight, though both competitors were being voted for, Frenzy consistently managed to always be just one or two votes above Akuma.
It was really genuinely fascinating to watch. And very much against expectations!
May 1st, 2016
Congrats on the 100 fans! c:
Did you really add like the four visible pixels of blood on his arm for the sake of continuity?
That is such an unnoticable detail Dregan what are you doing paying attention to it.
April 29th, 2016
But.. But Akuma's not wearing any sleeves...
April 29th, 2016
Looks like Akuma's going on a bit of a frenzy.
...No. No that doesn't really work. I'm sorry.
(Also? That blue-y glow-y effect? My jaaam.)
April 29th, 2016
Ooooh that's a nice effect, I like that effect very much

Though wait did he land straight on the end of the rope, is this a revenge pull