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Eagle Ordinary

The story of ordinary guardsmen and the extraordinary things that try to kill them.

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@Guardsman Bob: Hide ya kids, hide ya, hide ya husbands; y'all gettin' all KINDS o' heresy in here.
yep there are some people still kicking down here
@Kosake: hold on man if we have patience and faith in the emperor we shall prosper
Can't wait for the next one
yeah its been a couple months since you posted this but I hope you see this cause I am so excited for the next one
Anyone alive?
Awesome work so far but is anyone alive in here...?
the writers and artist's are both very handsome.
I would've pasted his brains on the inside of the tent. Gotta learn to respect rank somehow.
Loving this comic! I don't mean to rush, but any word on when it's continuing?
Love the comic, but I've got a question.
Is that character tab being fixed or something?
@Vinglo: Long Blue Hair in panel 2, Shorter Height and correct proportions in panels 4 and 5.
You need to educate yourself on the Term "Sexist" before throwing it with no thought.
April 8th, 2018
@Guardsman Bob: Oh, frak me sideways! False Men in the compound!
April 8th, 2018
Looks like getting caught between a Taurox and a Crisis Battlesuit did not do that Tau any favors, medically speaking.
@Metal C0Mmander: I just see his bulging eyes on the second picture XD, "I see you MOFO!!!"
Tiny words
Does anybody know what the troops are saying at the end of the page? I know it's something menacing since its impossible to see XD
Just finished my archive binge of this comic. Quite the story going on here. Knew as soon as the name Nomen came up that that techpriest was bad news. As a Dark Heresy 2e GM myself, it's cool to see somebody making a webcomic out of a 40k rpg. And yes, my screen name is drawn from my campaign.
@Hatarus: I think they're just closed
@Ryie: Right, I just saw the citizens and thought "oh the state of the current.... Wait... NOMEEEEEN!!!!!!"
@Ronmr: i just had a heart attack. i didn't notice it at first.

it's aaall going downhill.
Veloces (Guest)
March 16th, 2018
I got to meet Ross at Ghengis Con this year. Very cool guy, gushed about your comic as I caught back up with it. So damned excited for Wrath and Glory.
An Imperial Guardsmen plushy needs to be a thing. Why is it not already a thing?! That's Heresy!
@Rhys: i also want the hoody and guard plush.