Eagle Ordinary

The story of ordinary guardsmen and the extraordinary things that try to kill them.

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@Captain Connor: I'll do my best to maintain my own morale until tomorrow.
Well, it IS Memorial Day. Perhaps he just forgot the holiday when he said he'd post today two weeks ago. I'd give it until tomorrow before worrying, Commissar.
Just realized commisar has one m instead of two. Frak my life
No post today? 🙁
I interested...
Hi, I am a fan of your comic, but i have a problem, i do not speak english, and the comic is only translated until chapter 1, and i would like to know if I can edit it and translate it, if it suits you.
@Talancir: A Magos Biologis?
@Metal C0Mmander: Ah Chaos, The solution to (And the cause of) all problems
Obviously the tech-priests can help.
Is the solution chaos? It's usually chaos.
@Noximilian: Please go on, sounds like karma was biding its time xD
Reminds me of the time when I played a WH 40K tabletop game. My character was named Nox (short for Noximilian) and he was an apprentice inquisitor. He specialized in fighting with only his sniper rifle, as much in close range as in long range. It was kinda fun because I only have a limited amount of ammunition, so I only shot people in the head (and I succeed everytime). We had our fun, but then we got a bad ending.
If you wanna know more, just say so!
@Rev. George: That and no one wants to do the paperwork afterwards
No alt text? Or did Brinton eat that, too? lol
@peachpunk: Given he keeps opening bolts and eating the casings, I would call one bolt for him a worthwhile investment.
@NotHolt: Talon: Bolts are expensive, yo!
This guy
This guy gets it.
Well, technically..
Executing someone who is unworthy of such is "destruction of Munitorum property"
@Hobbsy: depends completely on the comissar to execute or not, true is that most would had taken the easy way
An officer who wants to be shot and a Commissar which won't shoot him... this is nether canon or kosher!?!

Though on the other hand, they do look like such great buddies.
Flying frak
Good news and bad news time. Good news is I may see some of you at Warhammer Fest week after next! Bad news is if the US laptop ban rolls into effect this week, as the news has been going around, there's no way in hell I'm bringing my tablet with me.

Between something I'm working on (and can show you guys soon!) and being unable to work on comic stuff for a week, I'm going to give this coming week a miss and post on the monday of the week following. After that you can expect a return to the regular schedule.

See you at fest!