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Eagle Ordinary

The story of ordinary guardsmen and the extraordinary things that try to kill them.

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Nice hiatus
I like the fact that the page states "on a hiatus while Kaiser works on Vhane Glorious" then if you click on the link you'll see: Vhane Glorious is in a hiatus as well, its last entry was September 2018.
June 13th, 2019
If GW had the sense the Emperor gave a grox, they'd pay Kaiser to make this comic.
By the greater good... The artist has virtually vanished on all media... Anything they started... Stopped...

Remember, For the greater good.
May 10th, 2019
Happy year and two months of a dead comic
Two years late but on the Sororitas, you've given her an Inquisitorial Rosette at her waist instead of a Chaplet Ecclesiasticus.
The Rosette is the I with the triple strikethrough, the Chaplet is an I with a starburst in the middle.

Every Sister will have a Chaplet Ecclesiasticus but it's a crime for anyone to have the Inquisitorial Rosette but Inquisitors or those allowed to represent them.

Otherwise I really like this.
Every few weeks I come back to this site, in vain hopes that this will have been updated once more. May the God-Emperor guide you back, that His light might shine through your work once more.
@Guardsman McLean:
Except that Vhane Glorious had no new pages since last year or so. So who knows what Kaiser's up to.
"On hiatus while Kaiser works on Vhane Glorious". You literally just have to look in the upper-left corner for your answer.
is this over?
whats happened guys is this comic done?
The lack of updates makes me sadpacito :(
Several years late, but noticed an interesting thing in 1.2 Congenial Relations.

That T'au is male. You can tell by the single vertical nasal aperture, whereas female T'au have a Y-shaped nasal aperture.
In the span of two panels (#2 and #3), Commissar Holt went from being cool to being an absolute badass. The rest of this page just continued the trend until he was glorious.
David (Guest)
February 11th, 2019
Next chapter
Hay I finished reading your guys comic and I like the style, comedy, and fan work. So when is the next one?
I've been following your comic since it was only at page 3. You really put the human nature into the 40k universe, especially with the faces. Holt's expression in the second to last panel is inspired. Imperial cathedrals must have this face put in stained glass.
Oh. So I'm up to date now. Niiiiiiice. I've loved it so far
Aaaah, I still remember my old tech priest. Three kills on his first turn. He was a good boy
@Chocapute: Wiping the other persons cum off the commissars' gf's face. The other person wants to throw something in, but is deciding to not because it'd be bad for her(?), hence the starship troopers reference.
heck (Guest)
January 25th, 2019
Whatever happened to Dreadnaught cutter!?!?!?!?!
Stefman (Guest)
January 19th, 2019
Kosomov still rocks! :)
January 18th, 2019
Missing you guys.