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Eagle Ordinary

The story of ordinary guardsmen and the extraordinary things that try to kill them.

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@Guest: Well, more likely on pause. What Berma meant is that the artist is working on the new 40k RPG Wrath & Glory. I'm sure the Eagle will resume once all is done.
July 28th, 2018
@Berma: So comic is dead?
Unfortunately GW has learned a better method for killing of things than a cease and dessist order...... hiring the artist.
Keep checking
I check everyday for a new update. I hope we see one soon, this story is too good to grind to a halt!
Like Sergeant Glory, I began reading about a week ago, and I love this. The only other 40k fancomic I've seen is Servants of the Imperium. It's good, but this is just full blown awesome in character.
just started reading this comic a few days ago, and I must say it's quickly become my favourite 40K fan work! Amazing characters, writing, and art. Thanks for this great ride thusfar, and here's hoping to see more soon!
I want to buy this as a hardback comic.
Through faith, all things are possible.

The icon of Saint Celestine is truly inspirational.
Oh noooo.

I just figured it out. It's the 'blessing'!

Gosh, I'm slower than Blutarch.
*Vox Static* This is Ser- *Vox Static* - of the 231th Husa-*Vox Static*- Regiment . We are pinned do- *Vox Static* - we are taking heavy looses - *Vox Static* - we try to clear the Astronomical Arr- *Vox Static* - should give us more time to - *Vox Static* - resistance is hard but b- *Vox Static*- the Emperor we WILL TRIUMPH !*Vox Static* Emperor watch over us all.
*Vox Ends*
@Dawnstar: It was never broken my LOYAL friend . Are you dubting the work of the admins ? If you want I can help you with your ... issue **Takes out bolt pistol with =][= on it**
*Static on Vox* Lieutenant Grimspire 'ere, 5th Battalion *static* Cadian Artillery Battery, Devestaters out of commission! Som- *static* clogged! An no way to cle-*static* Orks Arse e-mail *static, blurry words, cuts off.*
*Vox starts/vox static* taking heavy casualties *long vox static* blue bast *vox static* have us pinned down *vox static* requesting ETA on reinforcement arrival? *vox static/ vox stops*
*vox starts/vox static* This is Comm *vox static* Petran of the Ragtag reg *vox static* requesting reinforcement *long vox static* ETA on arrival of reinforcements? *Vox static* eagle do yo *vox static/vox stops*
Looks like the cicatrix has cut us off from the imperium. Welp, that's it then. CHAOS! PANIC! ANARCHY! HERESY!!!
Comment of awesomeness appreciation title!
I can't say what I like best about this story. The art and the progression and the characters.. I'm really enjoying myself so far. The art, composition and basically everything is really impressive and I'm totally trying to figure out how you guys do it, because you do a good job. I just want to express my appreciation for all of you and your hard work. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter.
@Guardsman Bob: Hide ya kids, hide ya, hide ya husbands; y'all gettin' all KINDS o' heresy in here.
yep there are some people still kicking down here
@Kosake: hold on man if we have patience and faith in the emperor we shall prosper
Can't wait for the next one
yeah its been a couple months since you posted this but I hope you see this cause I am so excited for the next one
Anyone alive?
Awesome work so far but is anyone alive in here...?