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Eagle Ordinary

The story of ordinary guardsmen and the extraordinary things that try to kill them.

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I have reached this venerable page and am concerned that there might be heretics stalling the progress of this By the Emperor splendid series.

Thus i inquire about the next publicae?

I must though it pains my heart report this to the segmentum command for further investigation.

I will closely monitor the progress of this in the future. Until then....

Potato (Guest)
November 26th, 2018
@gabrielh7038: Yeah, it will likely be a while away as they've been hired by GW and paid work takes priority.
man its been awhile since a new one of these has come out I Sincerely hope these continue
Hope all is going well for the artist hope we might eventually see a new update or whatnot in the future like this comic to much
Atom bomb baby little atom bomb!
I want her in my wigwam!
She’s just the way I want her to be!
A million times hotter than TNT!
I know of a few 40K comics, but this one and Eatatau are the only ones I've actually read. Now one of them is ending and the other one is stalled out. Too bad.
@Sinewmire: Do you think it's in homage to Peter Cushing? He did wear slippers in Star Wars as Grand Moff Tarkin because he said the boots were too uncomfortable.
@artemi: Remember, this is the Warhammer40K universe. It always gets worse, and never gets better.
Nope (Guest)
September 17th, 2018
It's Dead Jim
Yeah that's great that she got hired (and literally couldn't find the time of day to MAKE A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT ON HER COMIC PAGE) but that kind of thing usually means we'll get one or two updates a year and it will either die off or snails pace until it dies. RIP great comic.
September 16th, 2018
@Emprah: Artist's tumblr specifically says comic is NOT dead. Artist has awesome day job for GW. Paying work has to take priority.
Emprah (Guest)
September 14th, 2018
I guess comic is ded
Grim (Guest)
September 10th, 2018
I see what you did there
I see you put in a quote from brother-librarian Isador from the blood raven chapter. Who was corrupted... foreshadowing?
@Guest: According to the artist's Tumblr, EO is not dead. Kaiser naturally has to concentrate on paying work, and has got a new job with GW, so it may be a while.
Called it

Called it. They did hire the artist full time for a new webcomic. Vaine Glouriously....
The End?
Meanwhile, in orbit (and off panel) the Inquisition decided the planet was lost and ordered an exterminatus. The End.
August 23rd, 2018
@HereticPrime: nope comics dead
Kaldor Draigo
Kaldor Draigo present! WE WILL PROVIDE THE HAMS.
@Guest: Well, more likely on pause. What Berma meant is that the artist is working on the new 40k RPG Wrath & Glory. I'm sure the Eagle will resume once all is done.
July 28th, 2018
@Berma: So comic is dead?