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Eagle Ordinary

The story of ordinary guardsmen and the extraordinary things that try to kill them.

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@Metal C0Mmander: A Commissar will typically only have one junior commissar in training under him, we saw this with Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt under Slaydo.
@Deonis: The luckiest soldiers in the Guard, are the ones who die for the Emperor fast enough to avoid becoming an entangled victim of the web of Bureaucracy.

For all others, it is an inevitability.

Just wait till your abhuman auxilary squad of Ratling Sniper-Scouts gets a shipment of Ogryn-sized dressed uniforms instead of the new thrice-blessed sniper ammo your unit needs to assassinate the arch-enemy's sorcerer-commander!

It gets worse if you're one of the remaining "Squat legions":

"Our records show that you and all of your compatriots are dead. Eaten by xenos hordes."

"Well, ye records ar'crap! Check againnit!"

"We are the Administratum, Sergeant...our records are both impeccable and infallible. The Munitorium does not issue rations nor resupplies to dead units."

"...and yet we're talking."

"Correction. Our records state you are dead, so I am either being haunted by a warp-ghost or hallucinating...or, you are just a really tall and fat Ratling who is trying to deceive me for profit or entertainment. Either way, you are not going be issued any new equipment...and I have to go book an appointment with either the Commissariat or local Chaplaincy."

Is it any wonder most detached-duty Enginseers turn to minor techno-heresies within 3 months of deployment to the front?

Sometimes (ie: almost always) it's easier to jury-rig a lantern and some mesh-tape into a replacement lasgun than try and deal with the bureaucrats.
Love the new Necromunda art
This is quite simply the best thing ever :-) But there is no way this was produced by mere mon'keigh
I tried to post a comment with a link to an other webpage but it doesn't show up. I feel like I asked this question before but are links allowed here?
Ey, Holt is milking!

Ok, ok...I´m leaving...
"But he's meeean;" You're a bloody Commissar for Emporer's sake. You're far meaner than he is by the powers granted to your office.
@xXWeaponPrimeXx: He was ordered to destroy it when he was done.
Faulty link
I think maybe the link to Siobhan R. is faulty. It currently directs to a page with a photo of a quite naked lady.
Will we get to see an arming montage with Talon and the gang? I remember Holt telling them the Rogue Trader 'paints with broad strokes'
"But he's meeean" made me spray iced coffee all over my keyboard, so thanks for that. Was the stinger with the poor trooper planned from his introduction, or was it an organic thing? Either way, continuing to love this comic.
I see a stray 'e' on the commissar's hand in the comic panel.
@Commissar Van: There really are no other junior commissar on duty? Throne preserve us...
@Commissar Van: Thank you! I suspected as much but couldn't find anything about the color sashes to confirm. I sure hope nothing happens to Holt.
I suddenly feel even more sorry for that poor guardsman, dutifully awaiting his judgement, and when finally bestowed upon him...
@Fawin: because Holt is Talon's mentor/supervisor only he can decide when Talon is ready to be promoted to a full-fledged Imperial commissar. Full-fledged commissars wear Crimson sashes, while cadets (and juniors I guess) wear blue.

If Holt were to be killed, Talon would become the acting commissar by default, and assume all of the responsibilities of one (hopefully it won't happen that way).
Wait, what does he mean earn his sash? I am a bit behind on my IG lore.
Did he just choke down the message Holt gave him?
Ahhhh-ha! I can't even begin to say how happy seeing this new page made me! I've been having a rough time as of late, and seeing that this comic update really made my day, so thank you! :D

And ohhh no that poor guardsman! Talon what have you done??
Oh Thone, I JUST woke up thanks to a work-related anxiety dream and the first thing I do is grab my tablet and check on this site and hell yes! A new page! Thank you!

Looks like things are coming to a head finally. I hope both Holt and Talon survive the coming frakshow. I look forward to plenty of action and mishaps...that poor guardsmen looks like he plans to throttle Talon with his bare hands!

(I hope Brinton summons his final reserves of skill and strength and kills Keegan in a duel or something before dying. That would be a heroic way to go, considering what an arsehole Keegan is, but this is Warhammer so I shouldn't get my hopes up.)

This panel made my week. Thank you all so much!