Eagle Ordinary

The story of ordinary guardsmen and the extraordinary things that try to kill them.

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Congratulations! It's a... bug.
@Captain-General Kitten: Hopefully eventually.
Did you seriously just say 101th page? 101th!?
Gotta love the Mechanicus.

It helps your immersion a bit when you remember that almost all of their voices sound like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0HiiZGle6c
We ever gonna see Astartes in is thing?
Judging by the blue hair in panel 2, can we conclude that it is, in fact, a Tech Priest-ess?
July 17th, 2017
Not sure if this is the kinda thing you appreciate people pointing out or not, but you misspelled "killed" in panel 3. You only have one "L".

Also, Kosomov, keep being adorable!
@Talancir: I'm sure Hobbs would be willing to volunteer for that duty.
YEAHH MORE ADMECH! I love techpriests so much. <3 <3 <3

Poor guy though, yikes, a week in a barrel is rough stuff.

I can't wait to see the troops section make a return! :D Whatever you've all got in mind for the redesign, I'm sure it's gonna be fantastic!
July 17th, 2017
Brinton, we have to slap you daily to keep this under control. And now we have to keep you greased up on a regular basis?

"Don't you dare get used to it."

There's some innuendo somewhere in here, I'm sure.
July 16th, 2017
It's time for good news bad news!
Good news is there's another neat thing I'm working on at the moment, bad news is the strip will need to take a break next week while I juggle work and side hustle.

Even more better news, the long retired Troops section is currently being redesigned and re-scripted and it's coming along well. Gonna be all slick and responsive and shiz. Aw yeah. Expect an update in a week or two, side-hustles/work allowing.

And finally, for one last bit of good news- I've finally come up with a great (belated) something-or-other to both celebrate our 101th page and keep next week occupied with some good fun. Tune in this time next week on our facebook page for more details.
@ardent bolter: My guess is the other Tech Priests stuck him in there because he wouldn't accept the blue glowie stuff.
Astra Militarum, so crude... Such a waste of valuable fuel.
This is only tangentially related, but I just found this a minute ago and felt the need to bring attention to it.

Its ok Cadia qas a S**t hole anyway
@peachpunk: Cadia was a S**t hole anyway. It was that way even before the first black crusade. If you ask Abaddon did us a favor. The Shock Troopers were kinda crap (excluding the 8th) when they weren't hiding behind their trenches and defensive guns. If they had sent in the Spiders we would have already killed Abaddon and have his head hanging from the barrels of one of our Russ's. All hail Spiders!!!
@peachpunk: I might watch that.
dafuq, how'd a Tech-priest get in there, also, dat face on Blutock
@artemi: Only War idea: Escorting Lord Inquisitor Attenborough of Ordos Xenos through Tyranid infested territory as he soothingly informs you about their nesting and mating rituals.