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Hurrocks Fardel

A fantasy adventure comic about storytelling, mythology, and of course dragons.

Recent Comments

January 18th, 2019
Hey daidaishar, hope things are going well for you.
doom Bubbles
October 26th, 2018
I hope life is treating you well Daidaishar!
I went on a nastalgia walk and read through this again the other day, and it made me want to draw Joan;
March 21st, 2018
Neat. I forsee the most important goal in the future here.
March 19th, 2018
I really can't wait for a new page!
I was wondering tho.
What happened to Beu Beu?
March 3rd, 2018
I feel like the animation makes the emotion you are trying to portray more powerful.
doom Bubbles
February 24th, 2018
This is absolutely radical, nice page!
February 12th, 2018
Looks good all blinky and glowy!
February 11th, 2018
Looking forward to it. I'm curious if links between the living and the dead allow the living to glimpse the dead.

I have a feeling that part of why he is cranky is that he's the only one who knew those dragons that's still alive. It raises the question of connections. What have happened to the connections between dragons he never knew?

All of the images are from chapter 6 and 7 for those who had trouble seeing them. I liked that they faded, it emphasizes what Drake is saying.
Eva Emaria
February 11th, 2018
Interesting factoid, cool to know too.

Oooooh, the animations are really cool! I like stuff like this occasionally in webcomics--it helps show that the digital medium has a lot more versatility than print, and it helps break up the pages a bit. ^_^ My only complaint is it doesn't stay on the pictures very long in the last panel, so I spent a frustrating amount of time to see all of them.
February 11th, 2018
oh yes this is hella snazzy i like it
February 10th, 2018
The images for this page were a little simplistic, so I decided to experiment with some animation to pep things up. Let me know if its working ok (not sure how the glowing effects readability).

man in black: :)

re doom Bubbles: Hmmm, I've always imagined Bahamut as being in a permanent dreamlike state, so the dolphin example is somewhat apt. He's only a metaphorical fish, so he can break some biology rules.

re StellaFrost: More about Lucien and Drake's actions on the next page :)

re AmazingMaB: Thank you for all the support and your patience with the slow updates!

re IronDog: Thank you! With the low update rate I feel like I owe you guys some effort when I do get new pages up.

re Eva Emaria: Solifidians usually stay in the form they die in (unless they have species specific lore like werewolves). Dragons usually prefer their true form, so the majority pass on as dragons. Families who have relatives who die in human form often try to build large graves to approximate the size of their true form.
Eva Emaria
February 4th, 2018
Oooh, always cool to get more info on how stuff works for the Solifidians. Plus, the panel with Bahamut is absolutely gorgeous. The dragon skull being painted is also interesting, because Drake's memories showed that dragon corpses could also remain in their "human" shape. It makes me wonder if they ever revert back to their dragon shapes in death...
February 3rd, 2018
This is a beautifully executed page.
January 18th, 2018
Page Number
The page number is incorrect. It supposed to be 362.
January 17th, 2018
Ah, I really need practice with my writing, and when I read comic or books like this it reminds me that I need to improve, very inspirational, one of the reasons I love reading so much, it helps me improve, and I am sure that many many more also do as well, keep inspiring, keep being awesome, keep being you, as I have read through all of those 448 other pages and actually have been waiting anxiously for this one XD though I do get why it took so long, being as busy as you are an all the detail in these pages, it is quite astonishing you can pump these out every few months or so.
January 16th, 2018
I appreciate the sentiment Joan was trying to convey, but being stuck in a weapon imbued with magical energy for hundreds of years would be hell.

I'm glad that it's just magical residue and that Lucien is in the afterlife...

I can't help but recall that dream Drake had after he told Joan about what happened to his family. Lucien didn't exactly seem happy about his actions.

Be looking forward to the email. :)
doom Bubbles
January 14th, 2018
Man I love Bahamut whenever it shows up. It reminds me of the wind fish from Link's Awakening. I wonder, is Bahamut dreaming, and what happens if it wakes? Is it like a dolphin, with one half always being awake and one half sleeping. One's the mortal world, which is awake, and the other half is the dreaming world, which sustains the solofidians. That would make Bahamut a mammal though, which is of course, absurd.

Point is, poor Drake.
man in black
January 13th, 2018
That's some good insight
January 13th, 2018
Updates are still limping along. Looks like things are going to be pretty busy until the end of March, but things might pick back up after that.

Joan tries to be comforting with some platitudes, but it backfires.

On the plus side, some info about Solifidian afterlife systems. Tried to show a variety of species for practices.


re Xylas_Incarnum: he is very very dead.

re man in black: poor tragic baby

re Imola: its a fitting parting "gift" for a dragon, although Drake doesn't see it that way.

re Onasaki: thanks!

re Arrikanez: be careful Aylis, sad dragons are cranky dragons

re Eva Emaria: Drake is the edgiest of edgelords.

re doom Bubbles: gonna be... wicked sick... x_x

re StellaFrost: It has been a while since Drake's brother has been mentioned. I'll be sending back an email reply shortly :)

re Kadtie: thanks, I try to at least put some effort into faces on simpler panels.
December 17th, 2017
Ouch. Salt in a wound.

I love their expressions in the first panel. You can really see what is going through their heads.