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A homestuck fancomic

prepare for tears

but not for a really really really really really really really long time

i promise there will be tears

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As much as I love hussie's style, It's really difficult for me to do, and until further notice, I Will be drawing this comic like I do everything else. However, I will be keeping the sort of white and black color scheme for the houses.
I'm a lazy ass.
Hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to dedicate a large chunk of time to grinding out comics for the next week or so, but I'm a lazy fuck and don't have the dedication to do that, even though i really love all my ideas and aspirations with a furious passion. One day i'll get it done. One day. I have so much planned out, you don't even know. It's just making the comics that's time consuming. Maybe i'll write it out first and publicize that, then make the comic. I dunno, I'm so tired it's like i just drank 2 liters of opium and i'm prolly gonna go to bed kthxbye
I spelled approximately wrong. forgive my soul
wow it's been a while since i touched this
Fuck, i have like this entire story planned out but I'm just too lazy to put in the work to make comics.


I started this off really abruptly, and too similar to hussie. It's my own story with my own trends. Spheal with it.

However, i will say everything previously seen stays true except the following:
1.Luke's weapon of choice is a Sword, not a Bow.
2. "RB"'s weapon of choice is a Hatchet/Shotgun, not duo shotguns.
3. "RB" is now "RR"
November 16th, 2014
Sorry for not updating in a while!
I've been EXTREMELY busy with IMPORTANT stuff. *cough* leage a' legends *Cough*

Anyways, update! Here's a new character!
@NeoGenkei: No, it actually means nothing, its just a reference

* 3 * ......

...ok.... *retreats to dark corner*
@NeoGenkei: shhh it means nothing shhhhh
Luke Harley......WHAT IS THISSSS???