Knots is a story about college student, Carter Scully, who can't seem to forget his friend and first love, Leena Maddox. After building the resolve to finally move on, suddenly his first love reappears after 12 years and Leena is not exactly what he anticipated!? But the biggest surprise has yet to come!

What will Carter do? Will these turn of events drive him to insanity? Read to follow Carter's crack pot life fraught with cliched mishaps and UST in this BL series.
Content Warning: Language, crude humor, and partial nudity. (At this point)
Updates at least once a week...supposedly.


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the poor boy doesn't look as stressed out as he has been <G>
Yes they do. They just don't admit it!! But in Carters case he's uber embarrassed!!
Yes! You updated!:D Looking at the cover and title it looks like our two favorite boys will be growing closer this chapter. ^^ Maybe Trish will have something do with that perhaps.
It's Monday and I forgot to upload this as scheduled OTL. But here's the start of a new chapter! A.k.a. Trish redemption arc (not like she needed one though ;p.)
@Dokuwa: Your very welcome and I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy your comic. Also I found you on tapastic too so I bookmarked you and gave you lots of coin love. I go by Azure Rose on there btw.
March 22nd, 2017
@Dokuwa: We're cat age twinners! Haha. Shy cats are great though, cause when they hang out with you, you know you're awesome.
@Dokuwa: I'm excited for that day when this happens!! I can't wait to see the interaction between the staff and Lee!!

Staff: 'is that him?' They whisper to one another!!
Making Carter try on clothes!!
Dragging him to the really intimate toys!!
Strapping him into some of the sex furniture!!
But the one thing that embarrassed and blows Carters mind the most is the fact that Lee doesn't have to introduce him. Everyone already knows his name!!
March 20th, 2017
@Dokuwa: when I performed an Internet search on this very question!!

The answer turned out to be…

Bull Durham (1988) IMDb
March 20th, 2017
i cant wait till chapter 15
March 20th, 2017
lol...poor Carter. I've read that men do have mood swings similar to PMS...that could be bullshit...probably should look it up before I go and say something like that <G>
@Myth2: Aw thank you so much you're much too kind <3 and the pleasure's mine! I'm so glad you like them :D!
@akemikae: Haha nothing wrong with that, it's good practice too! It's really cool to see how much you improve or evolve down the road as well! Thank you TvT!
@yasha.queen: Hahah I can imagine that. True. That'd be an interesting thing to explore down the road ;>!
@sstogner1: Oh yay :D!!! Of course and thank you so much for your support <3!
@raephium: WWWWW THANK YOU so much <3!! Hahah let's hope Mr. dreamy hot and Mr. hilarity make a good couple ;>.
March 20th, 2017
@yasha.queen: Hmmm what indeed?
March 20th, 2017
@BlueRoseAngel : Wwwwwhat oh man thank you so much! I'm super happy to hear that it was enjoyable to read. Hahah yeah I don't update as much as I'd like to but I hope you also continue to enjoy it as it goes on :>!
March 20th, 2017
@akemikae: Haha with good reason. Aw how cute, haha that's good to hear. My cat is also 10 months old but is really shy OTL.
March 20th, 2017
@natta0202: Yep I've waited a long time to adopt a cat and finally have OTL. Aw I'm sorry to hear that but I hope you can get one eventually :>!