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Do You Like Fear?

Do You Like Fear?

by sarokophoenix
A land is under siege. Heroes need to rise up. Should be the making of a great fairy tale, right?

DYLF: An exploration of human concepts and right and wrong through the eyes of people who need them most. Updates Fridays.
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3 Months Ago

Do You Like Fear?

A land is under siege. Heroes need to rise up. Should be the making of a great fairy tale, right?

DYLF: An exploration of human concepts and right and wrong through the eyes of people who need them most. Updates Fridays.

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All I can say is that work is a bitch.
October 13th, 2017
@heliumsquid: Clearly. He's too innocent to expect praise!
September 15th, 2017
This week's been nuts between traveling and the Irma (relax. I was in an area that wasn't hit too hard. Worry more for the people who were). I deserve a day off. 'Today's' comic will be posted either Monday or Tuesday.
I've been busy the past few days. Ok, it'd be more exact to say I've been having family fun times with my family, so there's no comic today and I summer trips coming up mean there won't be any for at least two weeks either. Sorry.

But! I couldn't leave you guys with nothing, and since the Darius brothers haven't gotten their own colored splash pages (Lamb's Easter page and the screenshot don't count) here they are. This was inspired by my own sister, myself, and a sappy tree. Have you guys ever poked tree sap before? It's not as sticky as you'd think.
Drying Pens? Oh No!
I think my ink pens are on their last legs, so if there's no update next week you'll know why.
February 20th, 2017
Quick note
I won't be able to update for pretty much the same reasons as why I couldn't post this Friday, so apologies.
February 10th, 2017
Special Appearances
Also, today's page has some feature guests! My cousin's second baby was born earlier this week, and to commemorate the occasion I've added the entire family. Welcome to the world, Willow~
February 6th, 2017
The 100th Comic
So, I seem to have made the unexpected. 100 comics. I mean, I knew DYLF would go well past 100 comics, but to actually get there? Geez. I didn't even really realize, so there's nothing too special. And this IS pretty accurate for how my memory works.

Hmmm...Nah. Still needs more.

First of all, I'd like to thank all...51 READERS ON SMACKJEEVES ALONE!? Ok, I swear I did not have that many the other day...but whatever. I thank each and every last one of you from those who've been around since Page 1 to whomever signed up an hour ago. For every comment, for every bit of fanart, every question about how this weird world works despite all the late updates I'm grateful. The fact that I made it this far's a testament to that and I intend to shoot for a hundred more (and will do much better in my celebrations).

Speaking of fanart, there were some Secret Santas I'd gotten last Christmas that I hadn't gotten to show off. This is as good as any. :) I do apologize that they're links and not...appropriate links. by Anonymous
I really like this one since the artist went a step further and drew a scene from the comic itself. Whoever you are, I really loved seeing this and appreciate it. by Kawaiidaigakusei (you may have to scroll a little bit).
This is just so cute. Fear is just so cute~ Pollard's probably just wondering who the hell gave him presents.
Never underestimate the Power of Onions!

Also, you are doing a great job with the portrayal of the various Capergoers personalities :)
Happy Halloween!

This page's cameos are Shensation's Captain Dart and Lilyfeather and Razor D9's Conrad the Burning Lord.
Hahahahahaha XD
Well, Fear took it better than I expected :p
October 23rd, 2016
While following the Yellow Brick Road, do take time to stop and meet the... natives? :p

... and the last part of your commentary more or less mirrors my reaction around each and every Caper :D
On top of the previous cast of cameos, we can now add D.D.S.R's magical bro-unicorn Cedric, Karabearcomic's Sparkle, Videowizard2007's William, and Shensation's Lilyfeather.

Karabearcomics Unlimited-
Dawn of a New Era v2-

Also should be worth mention: 'The Wizard of Oz' was never written in the DYLF-verse.
October 19th, 2016
And now we have cameos! This comic features Epiccomic's [url=]Tim and Garry[/url], D.D.S.R's [url=]June[/url], and GabrialFox's [url=]Fox and Jamie. Huzzah!

I almost put Conrad in this page as well but then I remembered that he's still in Shelterville. I'm one of those writers whom, when doing semi-collaborative projects like this one, tries to keep all the other events going on in sync. Just so that one plot line doesn't conflict with another.

Then again, there's a high chance that that attempt's already shot to Hell right after it huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth and screaming 'You did this to me!' in between choked sobs. So what do I know?
Aaand... we start up by splitting the party... this will be good :)
@AmyOf Darkness: Oh yes, they are SO much easier to catch when they are all in one place! ;)
This... is an excellent start :-)
Looking forward to see how they fare! :D
The first page for the Cameo Caper is up! (Actual cameos come next page.)

Small heads up: I'll be out on a two week trip and won't be able to update. Sorry for the delay.
Oh neat! I'm sure Hogan would appreciate not having to hunt them all down :D

Good luck with the event!
'Fraid I still don't have this (or last) week's DYLF comic, but I have news! Starting on the 25, I and my baby boys will be participating in the *Drumroll in the distance* 2016 Halloween Cameo Caper!!!

What is this you might ask. It's when a bunch of webcomic artists and writers get together in a massive collab. Together we can either offer our characters to appear in the background as cameos or submit our own works of our characters doing something that will contribute to an ongoing story. With other peoples' characters cameo-ing.

Since this is a Halloween event and DYLF is supposed to be in the horror genre, I could not resist joining and will be submitting event related comics alongside the usual updates.

There's just one thing, though. Once the submissions role in the almighty organizers of the Event will be compiling them into a readable archive. To make things easier on them, I'm only going to be posting the Event Comics here on Smackjeeves. This is mostly because:

1) I'd rather I didn't make these guys scramble and

2) Smackjeeves archive system is much easier to use as I can file away comics related to different chapters separately. In other words, I can make a separate file for the Halloween Event while still updating the usual comics without getting both mixed up in the shuffle.

If you also follow the comic over on DA or DrunkDuck or such, no worries. Once the event is over I'll post them over in those places too. And, once the archive is made, I will post a link to it, so you guys can follow along.