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Out Of Luck

Cameron is an awkward guy who has always been surrounded by misfortune.

And if that wasn't bad enough, he has crush on Andrew, a popular guy in school who's straight.
What will Cameron do after a devastating confession?

This story will not just focus on the main couple, but also the people around them. How the main couple influences their surroundings.
Will try my best to update weekly
Read left to right
Anyway warning: Yaoi, BL, BoyxBoy
Also, this story will get darker as we go along.

Recent Comments

a price huh?
might be a nice surprise if Cameron had said yes but i'm glad he wants to try getting through it himself. Hang in there Cameron
April 22nd, 2017
Is that it with the two, kinda disappointing
i wonder what the price would have been
dang this is messed up
@M-24: Whoopsies! XD Yup, totally meant that. Fixed it. Thank you for correcting me, always appreciate those. :)
April 19th, 2017
You mean price?
No update
There will be no update for awhile as I'm in the middle of moving...again(sigh) and I want to finish working on my other comic and get it ready for chapter 2. I will however update 4 pages later to make up for it. Hopefully this wont take too long. :)
please kiss
im sensing a funn scene :)
oooh suspicious :3
mhm thought so :)
I just don't know what to expect, and as the other people in the comment section are saying, i don't know if i agree 100% but that would be an interesting twist, though we don't know this guy and can't trust him yet!
I still like Drew except for his behaviour right now, but i see his struggle as well, not being brave enough
I still see hope for those two but Drew has to fix himself first :)
Kind of surprised that Cameron is still coming to school, he's tough from the outside and i loved seeing him fight back back at the cafeteria. I wish to see more of both of their life even afterwards school and the progress in there personalities and feelings.
We do dumb stuff as kids, some learn from it and some don't, Drew has definitely progressed but is stuck again. I can't wait to see him open up >_<
April 16th, 2017
Actually the people you see first and most will come together, but maybe it'll be different this time, I'd like a difference to happen, the other always the same stories are getting so annoying, because it's so boring reading a story already knowing who will come together and sometimes even how. Can't wait for the next page.
i hope this is a new love interest because drew sure as hell doesnt deserve the honor of that role
April 15th, 2017
How did they steal his shoes? How childish.
Yeah, i think this guy is better looking anyways.
This guy's an ass but I feel a glimmer of hope from him because fuck drew as the love interest
i have been blessed not to have that happen to me but to stand by and allow to happen(shake my head). i don't know what is going on in you head right now but you better get it out of your butt and be a man Drew.