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RomeoXJulien: A Yaoi Comedy

The Capulets run a Ren-Faire in Verona, California. Their son, Julien, likes to crossplay, and looks darn good in his dresses. What happens when Romeo meets his Julien?

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Act 2: The Lovers
Welcome to Act 2 of the RomeoXJulien!
Thank you for sticking with us through some rough patches in the uploads.
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Welcome to our Story!
We are proud to introduce you to RomeoXJulien, written by Mar~ and illustrated by ~Ina. - MARINA
endless abs XD
Romeo so sexy hnnnnngggg
What was that chick's name? Rosalina?
Blizzard Juno, early upload.
This is early, as we want to make sure our readers have it if we loose power. Blizzard Juno has dumped about two feet of snow on us during the last 12 hours!
Favorite page by far! Lucky Julien XD
Romeo, Finally
He makes his appearance, and o what an appearance!
Hope it's working for you now?
Hmm... it won't load for me at all :( I can see the thumbnail at the top corner, but it won't load on the actual page no matter how many times I try or no matter how many different days.
looks nice :) but it always looked nice, so... :D
Trying a little something different on the art. What do you think?
Oh cool, you're on here as well now! I prefer reading it on your website, but I liked being able to add it to my favourites here.