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RomeoXJulien: A Yaoi Comedy

The Capulets run a Ren-Faire in Verona, California. Their son, Julien, likes to crossplay, and looks darn good in his dresses. What happens when Romeo meets his Julien?

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What bruh...
He has swim shorts under tharr this whole time?? How misleading.
Cuties <3
I love this guy in the kilt.
I do, I REALLY like this comic!!
I hope you mean you like it?
i was so happy you had updated and then,
At the Hacienda
Now what are those boys up to?!?
He who must be obeyed...
Hi Benny.
It's the map, it's the map,
It's the map.
The NEW kids...
Yes, Benny has an entourage.
Nope... nothing new here
The Family Capulet is still our favorite.
Just so you know...
Previously on RomeoXJulien...
Act 3 Legal Stuff
All the stuff you need to know... and snooze to.
Act 3 Begins
Cover page... boring... well, not what we'll be publishing.
Thank you very much MystyPeach.
Love this comic!
Omg, i cant wait for more of this! its so good!
Books are at Amazon
You can purchase the RomeoXJulien books at Both Act 1 and Act 2 are available. And Act 2 has some naughty bits that you will not see on the webcomic. Please support our creation?
Act 3 is coming...
... but we need you to comment and make some ratings so that we know you actually want to see it. Let us know!?!
Meanwhile at Sammy's Place...
... see that on