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So an elf, a rabbit, and an enigma get sucked into a game... ...wait what?


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Gomen Nasai Toreinasu. Sorry Trainers.
Pikachu (Guest)
July 22nd, 2010
Pikachu used Thunder!
What was bunneh thinking about? :/
Bunneh should be an NPC! Like PMD2's Grovyle! =>
Re: Whoo!
I also came from Just Gotta, from National Dex, from PMDT, from PMDTF. =O
Why are they saying "Chan" after their names? O_O
lol funny page! Poor Chansey...






What? :|
I got here through Just Gotta forums... Just Gotta through National Dex(a funny comic) ...

Anyways, nice comic
Hugs are awesome!
Nothin' wrong with hugs. Nope.
Hugs ARE proper greetings. X3 know, I was thinking... I am so different online than I am in real life. XD I have none of that spunk..
I told you it'd be up on Friday, Bunneh! I TOLD you! X3

Blah. x_x I need more script now...
@Gra-chan: Not Bunneh and Rowan, that's for sure. XD

@Vye: Birch? Isn't he Hoenn's professor?

@Ultima: Too bad the storyline is slooooooow. As are updates. The random humor comes from my two co-writers more than it comes from me. XD They're awesome.
Hey Vye! ^_^
Hey my first comment on this comic! SQEEEEEEEE-*sparton laser'd*, okay now that spontanious randomness is out of my system, time for the review! This comic definatly earned its spot on my favorites list! You manage mantain a storyline and have large amounts of extremely random humour. I like that style. Great comic, and I can't wait for the next update!
P.S. The shout-out to Vye, I'm a fan of her comic, "Just Gotta," and I'm starting to make a name for myself over at that comic 'cause I tend to crack jokes when I comment on her comics.
-Ultima out-
Aww . . .
I like Birch. He's a nice guy, even if he seems gruff.
Yeeeee!!! :D I love the color and shading in this one! And of course - who can resist those eyes? WHO?!?!?!
Jupiter of the Monkey
Color! Shading! MORE SAD PUPPY EYES!
I like Prof Elm the best. He's probably the youngest. ^^'
June 9th, 2008
Me too, really... x_x I'm about to try restarting my game to match the pace of these three so I don't forget how everything goes... XDD Then again... I'd never finish the game at the rate we go.