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Triforce of Power

In "Triforce of Power," a Legend of Zelda fancomic, Ganondorf explores Hyrule with 12-yearold Link as a guide. While Ganondorf learns more about the strange land's peoples and secrets, Link seeks his fortune and occasionally goes on quests for Princess Zelda.


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@artofjoe: About 11 or 12, just as old as Link.
Way to crush his dreams ;^;
How old is Llia in this universe?
Peatrice, how did you come to stoop so low.
I really hope we find out.
yeah that's what he gets looks for
Dawwwwwwwwww family bonding time <33
February 25th, 2018
I would have laughed too
Don't judge me npcs
February 25th, 2018
Watch him get a gift for him anyways
of course theres a gift shop
February 18th, 2018
@A Quiet Fan: Yep, the same! And that makes sense!
Are you talking about the large black horse? That's implied to be the same species as the one Ganondorf rode in Ocarina of Time, so it's fitting you named him that.
February 11th, 2018
So in Breath of the Wild, I found that freakishly large horse whose mane and tail are the same color as a certain villainโ€™s hair.

So I caught the horse and named him Gan-Gan. And now he can trample my enemies! (Once he stops trying to bite me, anyways)

And the fact that โ€œGan-Ganโ€ looks a lot like โ€œGran-Granโ€ is just a bonus.
Ganondorf's response in an alternate dimension:
February 4th, 2018
@Koal: No worries; it happens!
February 4th, 2018
@Kunarion: Thank you! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying it :)
February 3rd, 2018
@Mahira: Oh crud, sorry. That message was meant for Artofjoe, but I replied to the wrong thing.
Ganondorf is a jerk. A BIG JERK.
I just recently discovered this comic and I love it! Absolutely hilarious! :D