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Triforce of Power

In "Triforce of Power," a Legend of Zelda fancomic, Ganondorf explores Hyrule with 12-yearold Link as a guide. While Ganondorf learns more about the strange land's peoples and secrets, Link seeks his fortune and occasionally goes on quests for Princess Zelda.


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October 15th, 2017
Fairies don't have feelings, they're made of rubber.
Or some mole-mitts.
September 24th, 2017
And so ends the chapter!

And just a note that there will not be a comic this next week because I really need that time for (hopefully) finishing with cleaning up the older, messier strips and also doing planning for the upcoming dungeon’s appearance/layout. But we’ll be back to normal the week after!
September 21st, 2017
Well, Excuuuse meeee princess
September 21st, 2017
yup they were...
September 3rd, 2017
Finally a dungeon!
a keese!
@Djoing: Dang, why didn't I think of that?
August 20th, 2017
Predicting that the cow is indeed evil.
August 13th, 2017
Let's just say I learned a lot while trying to do those first two panels all in one day (today) and leave it at that. There's always next time!
Link has obviously seen this look many times.
Wow, rude.
@Mahira: I really appreciate it, thanks!
@artofjoe: I started reading it, but I have yet to finish it. I will post a review when I'm done :)
I’m pretty sure they’ll just start calling him “Dork” soon when its just the two of them hanging out….we’ll see….

So a few days ago, I published my first (readable) novel, No Longer Hidden, on Amazon, and I am SO excited! If you like fairy tales, fantasy, romance, adventure, or Vikings (or maybe all the above), I hope that you take a look! (And it is registered with KDP, so it is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!)

You can find it here:

And while there isn’t a print version available yet, there should be one in a week or so. Print formatting is really odd…there is so much that can go wrong!

Have a great week, everyone!
@Mahira: Yes, thanks so much! atch_0?
@artofjoe: Let me help you out! Could you link me to the book? :)
@Neolancer: It's all Link's fault that the amount of puns in my life have increased so much. When I had to create a list of "Links to this Comic" on another website yesterday, I nearly started crying because there was no way to avoid it. Heehee!
You did an accidental pun

You said "link" to your book