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bum comics

oops i accidentally made a comic


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I love you bum comics, please come back to meeeeeeeeeeee
I waited like a whole 30 seconds waiting for it to load the images...
Somewhere between final destination and Donnie darko
Bro where did you come from? These are a amazing
"Here comes the airplane!"
Bum comics.
It's like asdfmovie, but stupider.
Oh my God it's still alive.
This comic is seriously the funniest comic I've ever read. I read it all backwards and then you had that comic that was there to punish me for reading it backwards... Ah, you are way good with humor.
Just say it's a Charlie Chaplin, done.
In a crisis like this, always remember: It's not Hitler's mustache if you rock it better than him.
Yes Yes Yes
It's okay because the episode after that is called "I shot the dog."
An ability every dad has: always being able to smoke a pipe regardless of the situation or circumstances.
If I ever find a genie I'll wish for 3 bum comics so I don't have to make them myself.
So this was for the monster grandma with the lemon bars in the next comic.

I see, I see.
Remember: The next time you hear something in your closet, it's probably just your grandma, plotting to kill you.
I received a bum comics fan letter that said "Maybe it'd be funnier if I didn't have to look at it." This one's for you, Grandma!