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Same Type Attack Bonus II - An OCT

Same Type Attack Bonus II - An OCT

by Captain Ghost
(OCT is short for Original Character Tournament. You take two (or more artists - or writers!), give them a prompt for the round, and the artist selected by the judges to move on goes to the next round, using their work as canon.)

STABII - the sequel to the first STAB tournament run on the island of Holon. Rika's been looking forward to it ever since she heard about it - and isn't it just lucky for her that a friend of hers managed to get his mitts on a ticket?

It's time to make friends, have fun, stir up some drama, and, of course... get some pokemon battles in!
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3 Years Ago

Same Type Attack Bonus II - An OCT

(OCT is short for Original Character Tournament. You take two (or more artists - or writers!), give them a prompt for the round, and the artist selected by the judges to move on goes to the next round, using their work as canon.)

STABII - the sequel to the first STAB tournament run on the island of Holon. Rika's been looking forward to it ever since she heard about it - and isn't it just lucky for her that a friend of hers managed to get his mitts on a ticket?

It's time to make friends, have fun, stir up some drama, and, of course... get some pokemon battles in!

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Though it's a complete comic, with SJ's revamp around the corner, I had and followed the urge to draw up some Rika n Mathew.

Because there's never a bad time to draw up some Rika n Mathew <3 I was also curious to see how much, if any, my art and style had changed since the completion of STAB (which saw its end mid 2013).

Kinda neat.

Anyway, thanks for reading <3
Hello everyone! The following is an excerpt from my initial 'thank you' written on my dA upon the conclusion of the tournament - in the end, I came in second place, losing to yena-kiachia's final round. Still, it was a very valuable 6 n a half months' learning experience, and I am glad I have a finished story to show for it.

Of course I'd do things over differently now, -- after all, this comic initially finished up in July of 2013. People grow. But I am still proud of many things in it.

Anyway, here we go.

"This chapter in Rika and Mathew's respective stories now comes to an end. I *think* I've tied up the loose ends, save perhaps one-- Mathew and his 'ranger' disguise. If I could do this over again I might touch more on that but in the end, it didn't wind up being terribly relevant. -shrug-

Anyway, onward! Mat's discovered his reason for following Rika to Holon, but things didn't really turn out. He's not accustomed to losing... Odds are, he's still one pretty confused guy, but he won't stay idle long. Never does. As for Rika, treatment is on the way and she's made a few friends. Oh! And maybe she'll be talking to Vera about some of her designing, eh? Who knows~

BONUS: [link] This is the song that pretty much prompted the Rika/Mat theme and my entering this tournament in the first place. Without this remix, this comic might not exist (: "

Click here to see the comic full-size

And, of course, thank you all for revisiting this journey with me! <3 I know it was a far from perfect endeavour, but I hope you found some enjoyment out of it nonetheless. <3
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
Next update will be the final update~

Thanks for reading along, everyone!
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
Oh, Pavs...
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
Under the sea, under the sea! ♫... ... wait what
Silly Rika :I indecisiveness is bad.
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
Past the half-way mark! I liked this battle a lot.
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
Pokemon Colosseum and XD ftw~
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
VS Kole

Rika what're you doin'

I should note you can see these pages full size over at my dA, where the tournament was initially hosted-- they're kinda shrunk a bit here.
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
more cameos

our ol' opponent Rylee >
and tony >
judge rob >
charlie >
nicole >

plus a few of my own older characters :>

Battle... start!
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
VS Kole and Annette (

... featuring the consequences of your haunter blowing himself up in the previous round.
Captain Ghost
September 20th, 2015
Kickin' off the fifth and final round with a good ol' montage with cameos aplenty. Heeeeeeere we goooo

Dreyfus >
Taylor >
Melanie >
Frederick >
David >
Sara >
Ozric >

My opponent for the round-- , with her characters Kole and Annett!
(looks like this accidentally went up a long time ago-- my bad! D8
Aaaand that's a wrap for round 4! Final round coming up!
VS Charlie Martin!

Outfit and location change, aww yee
[[Part four of four! -- Long-format comics resume next update!]]

It was his turn to be outraged. "That's the kind of thing you tell a friend, Rika! Not the kind you keep bottled up and shoulder all on your own! I-"

"No! This is the kind of thing one friend doesn't burden another friend with!" she shouted back with equal intensity, hands clenched into fists. "It doesn't- or shouldn't matter, anyway! Anyone can go anytime, so why make a special deal about it? But people can't seem to get away from doing that!" Tears were freely streaming down her face, her exasperation visible. She held the back of her hand to her forehead. "Ugh. I need ta go lie down..."


She halted at the word, spoken like a command. Mathew eyed her carefully, no trace of concern visible. He was all business now, and that frightened her more than anything. His next words drew from her a venomous glare.

"I want to call in my second prize, right here and now."

"Tch. What else can you possibly have for me?"

Mathew fell to a kneel. There was something off-putting about his stiffness, about the whole of this situation, but Rika couldn't put her finger on it. All she knew was that it was sending shivers down her spine, and she did not like it one bit.

"Rika, listen. This is what I ask of you-"

[[Part three of four]]

"You're not fooling anyone. Tell me: what's wrong with you? No B.S. or running away this time."

Mathew stared Rika's incredulity down with cold, hard impatience. She wasn't getting out of this one, not if he got his way - and he always got his way, even if he had to play a little dirty. Crossing his arms over his chest, he awaited the upcoming storm with single-minded resolve.

"You can't ask that! Don't be an ass!"

Rika was clearly furious, but also startled; her cheeks had gone a deep red, giving herself away. Mathew sighed inwardly. The girl never had been great at keeping secrets, but here she never stood a chance. Sniffing out the truth was one of his favourite hobbies.

"The rules of the game indicate you must answer," he stated flatly.

"Your question isn't a 'game'! This is my personal life!"

"Oh yeah?" he retorted, "And what, pray tell, were you thinking of asking if you won? Something innocent, I'm sure."

"Eh?!" Taken aback, she slowly shook her head and offered a sheepish smile. She wiped an obstinate tear from the corner of an eye. "Y-you're right, I guess... But listen good, 'cause I'm not going through this a second time! Got that?"

Mathew could but nod. Things were finally getting somewhere.
[[Part two of four

Lots of cameos on this page, from other tourney competitors! Pretty cool folks. I'll try and remember to link em when I'm not about to pass out x__x]]

"How's your progress coming along?"

The voice startled her to her feet. Prior, Rika had been resting on a rock, admiring the natural beauty of her surroundings while plotting her next move. Her gaze hardened competitively as it settled on her friend - she was sure nobody had been where he was standing just a moment ago. His shadow-like tendencies had never grown on her. Nevertheless, hardly eager to betray her unease and more than happy to flaunt her confidence, she smirked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

She got a calculating stare in return for her answer. Tch. Let him squirm a little. With a yawn, she stretched skyward. Then, pinning her most disarming smile on him, she stepped forward and tapped him on the chest.

"How 'bout you, big guy?"

Much to her surprise, where she'd been expecting an answer equally reserved, he was uncharacteristically straightforward. With a nonplussed shrug and a frustrated sigh, he shook his head.

"I've yet to meet a single other trainer in this jungle. Either my luck is really bad or they're in hiding, who knows?"

Odds were, Rika did not know the meaning of a 'poker face.' At the news, lively blue eyes brightly lit up with the fires of triumph on the horizon. Then, in afterthought, her blazing spirit was dampened by a mist of disappointment. Brows knit in consternation.

"That can't be right. You're not even trying, are you?"

Mathew shrugged helplessly, affecting hurt. "You think so lowly of me? Really and truly, Rika?"

The effect was immediate. Regret assailed her. She shrank back, contrite. "Ah, no... I'm sure you're doing your best." She managed a weak smile of apology.

"Never less," Mathew retorted curtly, peevishly shoving his hands into his pockets. "In any case, I was thinking of something that could maybe spice this little competition up a bit. What would you say to doubling the prize?"

"W-what?! But... Is that really fair?" Inwardly, Rika was cackling. Her friend had finally gone nuts, but it would be to her benefit. At last, she could pay him back for the occasional humiliation suffered at the tail end of games like these. This time, she would be the assured victor and O, the ideas she already had for what she would ask him to do... "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure." Scowling, Mathew readjusted his orange-tinted sunglasses. "I don't play around. You know that. So do we have a deal?"

A quick handshake sealed the affair. Rika could hardly contain her enthusiasm. She only barely stifled her shaking until her friend was well out of sight. There was still a little bit of time before they had to return to the ship, thus ending the game; surely, it wouldn't be near enough for Mathew to catch up.

And so, she was now in prime position to win not only one request, but two.

The thrill of winning was overwhelming; only fleetingly did it occur to Rika that something might be afoot.
[[Author's note: So, yeah. This is an intermission - but it IS canon and will include a mote of information important to the next round. It was optional so I kept it easy, since I needed something of a break at the time.
Next round will resume as the usual tower comics. In the meantime, hope this'll do <3 Tried to keep the writing short & sweet.]]

In the warm glow of a fiery sunrise, her wistful expression was hard to miss. What could she be thinking? Mathew didn't have long to wonder. The official ceremony having come to an end, an impatient Rika, forthcoming as always, was quick to jump up and share her thoughts on the matter:

"Eeeee! They're so cute! D'you think that could be me, someday?"

Mathew checked the urge to roll his eyes, instead giving in to serious consideration of her question. His answer, however, he kept to himself. With a wide yawn in protest of the early hour, he turned to partly face his friend.

"Whatcha lookin' at?"

Her question startled him, driving home the truth: he'd been caught staring. A light frown creased his brows.

"You, I guess. Weren't you here with a goal in mind?"


As Rika took a sip of her drink, Mathew sighed. This girl was too easily distracted for her own good. Tapping his index finger on the table in thought, he hemmed and hawed a moment, before finally coming to what he thought an agreeable reply:

"You wanted to meet people, right? Back in Violet City, you were telling me how you wanted to go to Holon - not only to test yourself but to make new acquaintances. How's that coming along?"

It was Rika's turn to frown, but the look was shortlived, quickly replaced by a wide smile. She began counting on her fingers.

"It's coming along fine, I guess? I've met, lessee, Vera, Rylee, Arby, Ice Cream Guy, Judge Guy (sorta), and... that's it? One, two, three... Five people?"

"Wouldn't you like to triple that number? There were fifteen other competitors, right?" He could tell by the way she perked up that he'd successfully caught her attention. Good. With a smirk, he reached over to the glass she'd set down and had himself a sip. He made a face. "You still drink this crap? Augh... Anyway. I've a challenge for you."

Rika was nearly bouncing on the spot. Mathew grinned, pleased at the reaction he'd elicited. It wasn't terribly difficult to get the girl excited, but it never got dull. Passing her back her drink, he turned his back to the table and leaned against it. He motioned in the direction of the small jungle expanse before them.

"A lot of the trainers are taking this time off to explore the island. You still have your SmartDex on you, yeah?" He continued when she nodded. "There's a Pal Pad app on it, where you can exchange records with a friend. I'm suggesting we use that as a way to measure our progress. The person with the most names collected at the end of the match is the winner. Sound good?"

Rika's grin was answer enough.

Game on.
Fans of the 'tales of' series might recognize Mathew's outfit ... o;
Holy wow my fireworks back then sucked haha. I'm glad I've improved on em at least a little bit, looking at some recent works c:

And with that... round two, end!