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Love Amongst the Flowers

Can there be a romance between a hardcore germophobe and a hardcore Yuri manga nerd?


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Just binged and I like what I see. If someone showed this to me and told me it was a recently translated manga, I honestly wouldn't have been the wiser. You have the style and the ins & outs down pat. Keep up the good work!
This concludes Chapter 2 of Love Amongst the Flowers. I plan to take a long break to reboot the series but I didn't want to leave the chapter open. I will be uploading an end note with my plan and I hope you will stick around for that. Thank you for all your support!
uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuww cutieeessss!!! <3

happy lunar new year!!
d'awwww <3
omgosh yuriko is so adorable im cry
awww her mum is so nice!yuriko, too!
yyeeeeee boobieeessss
omgosh i love the glare panel, its so nice !!
January 29th, 2017
January 29th, 2017
hahaha as someone who was in a girls' school, "refined girls" srsly cracks me up
Welcome back readers! One more page until the end of Chapter 2.
I've been able to keep this schedule. Yay! ^_^ What time do you think is best to upload the page/ when do you feel like reading webcomics on a Friday? (Include your time zone please.)
Oooh~ What has Yuriko found? Find out next Friday! :)
Uh oh....
What would Ayumu do now?
Happy Lunar New Year!
I've been a bit busier than expected so this page is one day late. Still, I made the deadline of uploading within the week. :D
Enjoy~ It's my first attempt at drawing romantic tension. ;)
And this is a small clue about Yuriko's... past.
Hey~ Another update. I hope to keep this up every Friday until the end. :) (5 pages left!)
Oh darn. [/sarcasm] Welp at least this one is updating again ::::D
I'm still here well I'm new but I'm still here lol
New update ^_^
After how looong? Do I have any readers left lol....?
Well, the good news is I have all the pages sketched up and in various finishes in ink.
And... this can be taken as good, bad, or interesting but after Chapter 2 I plan on taking a really, really long break to work on rebooting "Love Amongst the Flowers". One of the major changes is that it will not be in a manga style. I will add more info at the end of Chapter 2.
@ArtistXXY: Ohhh. Okay, I see where you're coming from. Yeah, I hate it when my pages look different after scaling down or changing the resolution. D:

I usually scale down a little the original scan before doing any work on it.