Lana's shop.

Join Lana as she runs a successful shop with wacky weird customers and friends to help her along the way.

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It's finally here! Thank GOD!

To kick things off, my favorite summer song:

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May 21st, 2017
Sorry I update and go ghost for a month or so. Exams suck :/. BUT,summer's right around the corner which mean I'll be able to keep a consistent schedule! Yay!
I mean, she's not wrong to be concerned that a police officer is totally willing to bend to her. 8D;
Still, good to see this coming back~ =3
April 16th, 2017
Okay I'm back for real this time. School really hit me hard. But everything's good now. During that time of I noticed Rowdy was basically a background character so I re-wrote somethings and now he isn't such a background character going forward.

Also, I'm thinking of moving updates to Saturday. Just something I'm considering. But yay! We're back! (For real!)
Quit lying Venus. You love Lana!!
Oh, welcome back!
January 17th, 2017
Aaah, Venus, you beacon of positivity.

Good to see this back!
@Spekkal_X2: Or maybe she restocked, and then sold the exact same amount of stock that day that she did last time? >v>

But yes why does no one love Knuckles plush :c
2 weeks later and she still hasn't restocked? That's, uh, worrying.
I swear, this plush is perfectly normal and you are just playing with us
We're off with a brand new chapter in Lana's shop! This time we'll be focusing on Seaside's Supplier! I actually started to do this chapter during the first incarnation of this comic. So I'm SUPER excited to actually get to do it this time around.
Thank goodness Venus isn't fired!
Lana is actually a good entrepreneur though, taking full advantage of this windfall of publicity and even having a spare cash register. I think she's gonna go places. c:
And with this ends the introduction chapter! On to the next chapter for our employees!
June 6th, 2016
Sainsbury's, Cadbury's, Ben and Jerry's, Tesco's... a lot of shops and brands are named for their founder! Lana's doesn't sound too unreasonable!
Well, if all that stuff is hers, I think she has every right to call it that.
blah blah bad name for a shop, there have been worse.
I'm more concerned that she's selling things she doesn't even know about. Like, there could be guns in that box, or naked magazines, or anthrax.
Lana pls.
*Anime Fall*
You need a better name for your stand, Lana.