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Life is a scary place to be... but together we can overcome.

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October 29th, 2016
Why must my hair do this to me?
Elephant Tower
At the beginning of the fourteenth century, Pisa, in response to the threatening Aragon rise in the Mediterranean Sea, erected impressive towers in order to reinforce its stronghold in the south of Sardinia. Designed by the Sardinian architect Giovanni Capula, the Elephant Tower and the St. Pancras Tower were praised for their uniqueness, and, in 1535, Charles V, the powerful sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire, included them among the best military works of the entire Europe.
Completed in 1307, with its walls of thick limestone blocks, its narrow loopholes and its heavy gates, the Elephant Tower protected the south-western side of Castello; developed on four levels with a total height of more than thirty metres, it was also an excellent lookout station against any possible attack from the sea.
Even today it is one of the most striking accesses to Castello, while in the past it was also used as a powder magazine, armoury and prison.
Ruins and Swimming
We went on a killer hike and then we were rewarded with a few hours to enjoy the beach and swim in the ocean. The water was crystal clear, and it was amazing!!!
October 24th, 2016
We went tromping around Cagliari the first day and we saw this amazing necropolis
Report 1
So, we had to do these things called "site reports" and mine was one of the first ones in Sardinia and it was over this church. I'm not a religious person, but this was one of the mos beautiful churches I visited the entire time i was in Italy.
We were assigned room mates for each place we stayed, and I got lucky enough to get my friend who also loves to be naked most of the time. It was so great and relaxing having her as my room mate.
Sardinia was our first destination and it was so damn hilly! I'm not talking about small cute hills, I'm talking about ridiculously steep hills. I was literally pushing my suitcase up horrible cobblestone roads and walkways, all with no sleep and no food. I nearly died on those hills.
October 24th, 2016
Seriously though...
I don't normally make a habit of bashing girls, but it's really hard to describe how much dislike i have for her due to her using the guys in our group in one panel. So instead here you go.
October 24th, 2016
I'm too old for this shit
Too old for 13+ hour long flights...
October 24th, 2016
See this thing, I made it. I hand cut the leather, the pages, and hand stitched them all together. The person on the cover is one of the professors that lead the trip. We called him Pater Maximus
October 22nd, 2016
I'm so sorry for the radio silence. between going to Italy on study abroad and moving and endless weddings and school and working cons. I know there is no excuse, and i hope to fix this lack of art between us.

Be prepared for more updates
Crotchety Ami-Chan
Art mimics life
Day three at this massive museum is full of tomfoolery and shenanigans!!
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, in Arkansas
February 22nd, 2015
NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!! Thank you winter vortex/ Queen Elsa!! <3
Single Ladies
All the single ladies!! All the single ladies EAT CHOCOLATE!!!
February 13th, 2015
My name is Mia, and I always say that my life goal is to become a dog. My goal is in sight.
awesome texture and original style!!!! love it!!!
This seriously happens nearly every night after classes....