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The newest showcase in Sj. Any can join.
Just don't troll. Or be a jerk when it comes to C+C

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...Yeah. Somehow, this got popular.
Anyone can use it if they want.

Just don't take credit.
Not bad. Nice attention to detail there.
No credit, needed but appreciated if so...

So I made this whilst making KDT, its bell from Kirby Triple Deluxe for the 3ds made downsized, please take as pleased...

Its still a wip, no walking sprites yet.

The original is owned by Nintendo and ripped by sprite resource, credited. Fixed.
April 26th, 2016
@Moon light madness: Stillllllll....unabbbllle toooo doooo anyyythhhinnnggg T-T. IDK if your the authority of this, but whoever is can you tell them.

No perms since I got on, I can only see stats and that's it.
It's getting dusty in here.
I had already put this character in a comic of mine which was stupid 'cause should have gotten people's opinion. Criticism would be a huge help!
I can't really see his nose all that well. Most characters have black noses, so I recommend trying that out.
The place where his forward arm meets the shirt probably shouldn't have a black line through it unless it's disconnected from the actual shirt.

You're right though, this is a good start.

Happy spriting!
I'm back. But I don't have any of my sprites. So everything gets a brand new start. Staring with Terrance. What do yo guys think? C+C would be really helpful.
Jermhy (Guest)
January 9th, 2016
January 8th, 2016
I'm kind of curious about this design
It's more or less a recolor of Sans' outfit, but I want to know if this works for Sans. What do you think?
You have certainly gotten a lot better.
See what I did there? Pretty clever huh? No? Ok. Anyways, I am back to spriting and comicing and such. Don't have much to say but that. C+C please!
November 20th, 2015
Don't ask me how I got this idea, 'cause I don't know either.
C+C, please.
I was just working on him on a different computer and don't really got my usb anymore since I lost that little bugger once again so I just thought of just posting then I thought of this so yep.
Hey do you guy's like how Jay(Left one) looks I know he has a lot of work that needs to be done but honest opinion please?
It's a sleeveless hoodie.
@Syogren: Oh, wait. You were asking about the SHADING? Ummm... No exact reason. Why?
Hm...I like the middle one's shoes a little more than his current shoes. I know that, technically speaking, they're based off Shadow's shoes, but they look...nicer. I'm not sure.

But for some reason, it still bothers me that Sans' bangs aren't the same color as the rest of his fur. Sorta feel like there's a missed opportunity there.

Quick question: is there any particular reason why the shirt is shaded the way it is?