Armless Amy

A little girl meets some strange creatures in a desolated wasteland.

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@Charlotte057: Once again, Neil sacrificed himself for the well-being of his sister...
@SophiaTheDork: It seems that Amos decided to become the ultimate force of destruction from this story...
Oh well at least he saved Judy and the bat lady for a bit
; - ; why amos why?!?!
RIP Neil.
@Charlotte057: Well said...
@SophiaTheDork: He has a hidden heart of gold, after all :)
I love Neil.
@Memes: Here is some relaxing music to accompany reading this comic:
@Charlotte057: That blood actually belongs to someone else :)
See I told you the Bat Lady is dead :(
Welp, that's that. I've lost count of how many times I've shit myself while I was reading this.
@Memes: I would say that they are the cousins of Hubert Cumberdale :)
I've shit myself
Look, it's salad fingers cousins
@Charlotte057: She still has a slight chance to survive...
Awww, I liked the bat lady. :(
@Dazzie: Thanks, Dazzie.
David Firth's animations were one of my main inspiration to create this comic, and I'm still waiting for a new episode of Salad Fingers :)
April 22nd, 2017
Nicely done
the art style is so creepy and wonderful in every way, it also reminds me of a certain internet series long ago, if you get what i'm saying.