Armless Amy

A little girl meets some strange creatures in a desolated wasteland.

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End of Chapter 18.
@Ian Evans: I can tell that things are going to get awry (and weird) for little Eloise in the next pages...
this is gonna make me cry :(
Nothing last forever.
@Ian Evans: Thanks, Ian!

When I started making this comic I was planning to use a simplistic art style, but as the story progressed I decided to try other art styles for some characters :)
@Ian Evans: Thanks a lot for commenting, Ian! I hope you enjoy the crazy plot twists of Yaoi Cats :D
@Ian Evans: I was thinking the same thing :)
Dang, I'm all caught up. Time to catch up in yaoi cats
That's what my girlfriend said right before she dumped me
@Amalockh1: The original sad song
@Clan: They both like wearing animal skin
I really love how all the characters are drawn in such different styles, but other motifs blend them all together to still make it look natural
That reminds me of the grandma from courage the cowardly dog lol
This is getting really deep
reading that with the music you suggested was really cool
this comic is so dope
Peter look like he don't give a FUUUUUUUUUUUUU**
I love her hair. Did you do that with marker?
Peter and the wolf... needs more bassoon
@Charlotte057: Maybe a demon...Or maybe the "god" Eloise saw in her dreams in the previous pages...