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Place to dump my stuff til majhost comes back

by TurboTMoses
Basically it's just a gallery of things until y'know, majhost comes back to get all my junk.
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3 Years Ago
Basically it's just a gallery of things until y'know, majhost comes back to get all my junk.

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Oh I actually made sprites for once in my life.

Anyways this is a new concept on an old design (the old sprites are bad and suck a bunch of dick) :

I'm not happy with the shading but hopefully I'll actually finish this.
Nothing much, a friend asked me to make him an all black Falco skin and I complied.
@Ionic Defibrillator: I mean you're half right

everyone else either plays birb or gay-ass marf
But everyone who plays meelee is a Fox main kappa
I'm a Fox main in melee (SD RedFox is my Tag), and this is the skin I made for myself. loosely based on Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes (Color and outfit wise).
I'm really big into melee, like it's the whole reason I haven't been making comics anymore. It eats up 98% of my life nowadays and I can honestly say I'm okay with that because we have such a great community and a lot of my friends I've met through the game. That being said I've undergone the daunting task of making my scene it's own Custom Build of the game, Stages, Character's, etc. I'll post what Progress I make here since other than DA I don't have anywhere else to put it.
;_; remember when Alpha mentored Blixx? tbt
I'm still bad at drawing
I might use her design for part of Alpha's Family Tree but Idk what to call her, help.
This is a project I need to get around to finishing to start remaking my pkmn comic, feel free to use Andy for background character things as long as you don't claim him as your own character.
It feels kinda weird drawing myself, idk.
Majhost Come back to me bby plz
This is Alpha's Half brother on his Dad's Side Kuno, This is the 3rd redesign he's gone through [and it's the only decent looking sprite really], This redesign is actually fairly old but because we lost majhost I had to completely redo it again, C+C on it would be appreciated.
@The_Project: I can dream damnit ;-;
February 27th, 2015
Drawing from a couple months back
Might get around to coloring it eventually.
@TurboTMoses: ..., I dont think Majhost is coming back dude...
Holy fuck guys I'm not dead.
Well sorta, WVG won't be updated until I can get all of my sprites back since Majhost was the only place I kept all of them, but I wasn't happy with how the sprites turned out anyways, so I'm taking another crack at it.