The heroes of these days are weakening and must take a stand against new being, fighting alongside a trivial set of 'earth-walking gods'.

Quarrels will appear and new experiences will be made.

But can these heroes handle the truth hiding under the faces of their strange new allies?

Or will they plummet into the hands of evil itself?

All I know is, we've gotta be careful...


An author comic with Ultimate the Hegdehog and TouhouShake.

Rated PG-13. May contain harsh language and graphic imagery
Updates Weekly

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Shake it, shake it like a rattle, then thank it, thank it for a good time.
Nice Technopath powers there. Kinda like the Creation Matrix there.
Rolling around at da speed of sound!

Great stuff, fam. :v
Poor Ed. You go get her champ.
...anyone else having The Running Man flashbacks?
The Absolute Madwoman!
Orange, powerful, and psychopathic?
I think I'm in love.

On the plus side, that was a cool fight. I'm sensing a kind of "Kevin Eleve" dealie going on with bike dude? owo
Break the legs

They can't run without those
I like the way you did ed's transformation
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Th-thanks. I was all the nervous.
Hey look, a fight.

Good work, Cassie.

This took foreverrrrrr, GOD ME. GET IT TOGETHER.

Okay so, first off, I am sorry for making you guys wait for this page. It took a while to make, I'm not used to making scenes like this, and quite frankly- I finished most of this in a day's worth of time, maybe even more. I hope the next page won't be as long.
And names are weird.
Typical that the guys always end up chasing the girls. lol

Best page so far! Still not sure who I'm rooting for.
This is really good fam.
I can't possibly see this going on.
Also Lydia's eyes are too bedroom for their own good. I can't help but ship them. c:
and it's confirmed--Lydia is literally the worst.
I wish I could run that fast ;_;

nice page!
This comic was sponsored by Motion Blur tic-tacs.

Anyway, nice comic.
This page is especially well made. Nice job.
I really like the way those two banter with each other.