Mosscreek Divide

Starting as an accidental journey into another world, two young children, Amy and Liz, end up kicking off a dangerous power struggle that will rekindle ancient evils. The small town of Mosscreek is at the center of the mystery, the action, the horror and perhaps even...Romance.

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There's something I've been wondering ever since I found this comic (which I just caught up on):
Is Mosscreek Divide geographically close to Gravity Falls?
@Florine: Hey thank you so much!! <3
I keep falling in love with your artwork, each page is somehow more beautiful than the page before <3
@GrinningWolf24: Thanks for catching up! hahah and yeah deer boys newly acquired human body isn't too shabby.
@Dark_shadow: Yoooo! thanks a lot! Yeah I think I've been neglecting backgrounds a little. So Hopefully I can start spending a tiny bit more effort on em.
Much late, but I am back! Loving the recent pages~ ^^ And to answer Amy's question- yes, the deer-boy was hot. O////O
@MarioKong: Kissing does...something else..
Assassin's Creed: Weird Monster Place.
So that species learns languages by biting? Kinda reminds me of how Starfire's species from Teen Titans learns languages by kissing people. Just more painful.
I love how you did the details in the background, really cool.
@TheJGamer: Yep ECCC was fun as always. I mean it was a lot of long hours and I was too tired to do anything but eat and sleep, but it was also fun.
Heh, that's what every kid thinks when they learn finance for the first time.

By the way, did you have fun at ECCC?
Bus stop
As you can see Both Amy and Liz live pretty close to one another and they both take a country road that makes the walk home from the bus stop a little more quick. You'll see soon a little more about their individual home situations I think! These kinds of ocean bluff environment isn't something that I grew up in, but I have had a long standing jealousy of people who did! I really love the smell of the sea.
@HonorBoumdFate: Yes I did and I am sorry!!!
Do you want to read the comment I made for the last chapter.
@lazesummerstone: Oh, by the way, I really wish I could go to ECCC to meet you, but I found out about it just now, so unfortunately I can't... I hope you have fun!
@HonorBoundFate: uhh... no I just drew those crossed arms really badly! I'm sorry!!! hahah
@Florine: Yeah I think they'd usually be wearing clothes..but that particular guy was having a rough time and lost his clothes earlier.
@TheJGamer: haha 666 creeeeepy!!