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Mosscreek Divide

Starting as an accidental journey into another world, two young children, Amy and Liz, end up kicking off a dangerous power struggle that will rekindle ancient evils. The small town of Mosscreek is at the center of the mystery, the action, the horror and perhaps even...Romance.

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Fantastic premise for a horror movie: invisible bad guys.
@BonsaiGuy5:Okay! Sorry I didn't understand what you were saying before!
@turtles: LOL! yeah such a good deal!

Best comment of the year! haha
real estate
ok we got some good mansions here... they may be haunted by a cult of otherworldly aliens, but they only eat one of your babies each month, it's no big deal... wait, why are you running?
It is really great, but as I was saying I can read your comments,so you don't have to type in japanese, please type in english I'm trying to learn how to write in english, its kind of hard trying to organize a sentence but I'm getting better.
@BonsaiGuy5: ああ、いいね!あなたが私の漫画を読むことができてうれしいです!ありがとうございました!
@SuperSTEPHEN831: I guess he just wants me to translate into Japanese!
@BonsaiGuy5: Oh but writing in hirigana and katakana is ok if you want to comment! /// ああ、ひらがなとカタカナを書くのは、あなたがコメントしたいのは大丈夫です!
@BonsaiGuy5: ごめんなさい! 私は日本語を書く方法を知らない
I feel bad that I can't read bonsai guy's comments and that he can't read (most of) our comments. And that he can't read the comics.
Watashi wa jibun no eigo ni torikunde imasu. Sugu ni mō hon'yaku suru hitsuyō wa arimasen.
yurushitekudasai watashi wa kanji to hira gana dakede īdesu watashi wa jibun no eigo de shigoto o shite imasu.
Watashi wa kanari eigo o yomu koto ga dekimasu, anata ga nyūryoku shita mono wa yakkaina hon'yakudesu.
Watashi wa anata ga yobun'na naiyō o motte iru to kiite sugu ni kono manga o kansei sa semashita.
I don't know
@BonsaiGuy5: Help! Nihongo o hanashimasen!! Kanji wakarimasen!! :(