Mosscreek Divide

Starting as an accidental journey into another world, two young children, Amy and Liz, end up kicking off a dangerous power struggle that will rekindle ancient evils. The small town of Mosscreek is at the center of the mystery, the action, the horror and perhaps even...Romance.

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love this page, first panel is so dynamic!!
Well, someone's excited.
Distracted this week~!
Sorry for being a little late! I got majorly distracted with different things like Resident Evil, and getting stuff ready for the upcoming Emerald City Comiccon! (I'll have a table there! please come seem me in the artist alley, table D-11) Also if you want more constant updates on the things that I do make sure to follow on Twitter @lazesummerstone -
I think I figured it out
okay, this is kind of A long shot, but MAYBE, that's a very big MAYBE right there, greg had a cousin/brother that accidentally fell into the alien door, and was used as a transform material, but had the gem that Sophie used and transformed into an alien/deer permanently by a sudden mutation in the crystal's molecular and chemical structure.

@Too lazy for name: earlier the alien kid used Amy's blood as a transform material. But basically it only granted language. I guess a kiss actually grants something else.
@Hideki: Lol because! You can't get around lookin' like an alien deer all the time! :D
@Kynn: Yep that's a good catch!
Deer armor
Wait–so was the deer like some sort of body armor?
(Internal screaming)Why?
February 6th, 2017
I also think in .The frog prince
What a first kiss
I hope more answers will be revealed soon
@.The_Sof.: You....are awesome!
Been here from the very beginning
I think his reaction of "Oh," is very appropriate, it's just like the reaction to someone pointing a gun at you, then giving it to you and screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Or to the guy on the far right of the Green Day picture on their Spotify profile.
@lazesummerstone: I'll just wait and see. Can't wait for the next update! XD
@SpiderBread: Something from both of their pasts... But it would be too hard to explain at this early point of the comic.
@lazesummerstone: no I think it would be a bit of a stretch to guess. I mean it makes sense considering what happened with Amy. But I'm curious, in the last page it looked as though he was attached to Greg, if so is that connected to him crying?
@Dark_shadow: The reason he's crying is also why he's interested in Greg. That's allz i can say!
@lazesummerstone: no problem also why is he alien crying? If you can tell me I don't know if you would.