Mosscreek Divide

Starting as an accidental journey into another world, two young children, Amy and Liz, end up kicking off a dangerous power struggle that will rekindle ancient evils. The small town of Mosscreek is at the center of the mystery, the action, the horror and perhaps even...Romance.

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You know you're hooked...
You know you're hooked when you check this webpage everyday. XD
@SergeantSuicide: He was to late! LOL!!
@GrinningWolf24: It's okay the 'monsters' will still 'get' him.
Oh phew! Seems he's not falling prey to 'dumb protagonist syndrome'. ^^ Carry on~

...and yeah, I totally have that friend. Actually, I have multiple friends like that. Gotta have a good strong group if you're going to survive an encounter with the trout people. Just stay out of the mists coming off the creek and you should be alright.
Yeah andrew i seen a ufo once. Or maybe a reversed engeineered one couldn't make a call cause their was no signal.
Oh great.
When's Oswaldo going to pull out the binoculars or the camera?
corny jokes
He should have called Ellen ripley. (Enter rim shot here) Anyone no ok i'll stop.
You ever have that friend that you call when you see a weird alien deer outside your bedroom window?
Wonder if he is looking for Liz and Amy '0'
@Khonsu00: maybe he's some kind of CROSS between a DEER, a spider, and one of the many REPTILES, and he was created by BOROUS in BIG MOUNTAIN!
@ShuggaChan: Haha Not something you see every day I guess~!
You are really really right about that!
December 22nd, 2016
@SergeantSuicide: Maybe he's going back to the Shimmering Isles, in which case, give my regards to Sheograth, tell him I've almost mastered the fishstick (a very delicate state of mind).
What was that?
That was dope, that's what that was.
This is the point in the horror movie where the dumb protagonist follows the obvious bad-news creature into the foreboding woods with no back-up, no supplies, and without telling anyone what's going on. And it always turns out so well, too.

Psyched to be back reading this again, Lazesummerstone! :D
It's going back to the Oblivion Gate
Say "Hi" to Mehrunes Dagon for me, Oswaldo! (Note : I now call the devil deer Oswaldo) (Also note : for some reason Oswaldo looks like some kind of daedra to me. Might be because I've been playing too much Oblivion lately.)
Uhhh....That alien deer just dissed me!
What do you even do in this situation... Will this thing come back? What is it? Have we seen it before...somewhere?
The exclamation mark on the third panel reminded me of the metal gear solid exclamation point XD.
..that be, a space deer.. station.
I'm baaaaack~ Haha, it's been a while. ;^^ So glad to be enjoying more of this wonderful comic again, and I RECOGNIZE THAT MUG! >_> I'm watching you, Mr. Multi-Eyes....

Also, when did all these people get here?! Congrats, Lazesummerstone! It seems that your wonderful work is picking up more fans! :D