The Stars Shine Bright

Welcome to the magical world of Pokemon! Well, perhaps it isn't as magical anymore for Myu. Recently orphaned, the young mew takes it upon herself to care for her younger sibling, Topaz, but caring for a child is more difficult than you think. Logically, you might ask someone for help.

Well... when that "someone" is Atticus, things might end up getting a bit more complicated.

Occasional blood and language warning.

Story & characters mine, Pokemon (c) Nintendo.

Guaranteed to update Tuesdays, and updates some Fridays.


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@Tehpikachu: *reads mouseover text* So, does that mean Topaz is radioactive?
I mean, she is breaking in and shaping up (her skills with her powers, specifically).
But on a serious note, I notice all of Atty's shots in this page are from the side. Why do I feel like that third eye will be opening again soon? (Do it!)
Perhaps even leading to pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
And on that day, Topaz, true to her name, successfully conjured a cloud of topaz microcrystals!

Caution: inhalation of microcrystaline particles may result in long-term respiratory problems including, but not limited to, shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, fever, darkening of the skin or nails, heart failure, and death.
boy oh boy... y'all were so funny last time...
@DragonMoonWolf: More like constipation.
That Atty plush is so adorable~ I'm just too poor though :,(
@Guest Who: Doesn't matter how many he has. More than one is already enough to freak me out. XD
Why do I get the feeling Topaz is going to do the magic breath, and it will somehow result in Atticus opening all his eyes again?
Anyway, you have a cute art style, and that Atty plush is adorable. Looking forward to more!
@TheMewgon40: an exact number wasn't specified. Who knows, Atticus could have 5 or 15 hearts.
inb4 it's just bad breath
Atty used Gust! It's not very effective...
That Atticus plush looks lovely! :O I'm so jealous! Also, those Atticus icon-thingies legit made my day (night, I guess XD).

I see my username in the Discord window in the video- my apologies for abruptly vanishing from it, but senior year is kicking my @ss right now, and I need a break from... well, life lol.
@Tehpikachu: Btw is that you talking in the video?
@Ice's Nice's: You mean a comic theory. Thanks for reading​
@PJSam; 'course. that's why i couldn't show it to ya!

@PJSam; all signs point to yes

@LightBlueBlaze; i understand

@Nashew; It doesn't smell like anything.

@Guest_3 (Guest); thank you !!

@Guest; SIGH
I like how the plushie has the third eye.
not a lot of content this time, but i like slowing down and getting yall excited over nothing c;

now that i've done that really nice eye reveal, i can finally show off the Atticus plush i acquired last year:

<img src=" 500/plush.jpg">

i commissioned him through a site called Budsies, a site that is not paying me to advertise but... i'm always available, you know, wink wink. continuing the free advertisement though, they're really nice quality and pretty much the cheapest option for something like this, running at about $90 for the basic order. i can hook ya up with 20% off an order if ya want as well, *clicks tongue*, just don't go commissioning Atticus behind my back. shoot me with a pm if you're interested

in other news, the fantastic Woo made me an Atticus shimeji a few days ago, here's me having just.... a good old episode about it

<iframe width="420" height="345" src="">
@Tehpikachu: Oh, they're not that bad! XD But the versions that did get posted are way better, yes. :)
If at first you don't succeed, let Atty show you how to do it.
I really wanna see Topaz accidentally turn into a Ditto.