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The Stars Shine Bright

Welcome to the magical world of Pokemon! Well, perhaps it isn't as magical anymore for Myu. Recently orphaned, the young mew takes it upon herself to care for her younger sibling, Topaz, but caring for a child is more difficult than you think. Logically, you might ask someone for help.

Well... when that "someone" is Atticus, things might end up getting a bit more complicated.

Occasional blood and language warning.

Story & characters mine, Pokemon (c) Nintendo.

Guaranteed to update Tuesdays, and updates some Fridays.


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Ok, going off the fusion theory, I'm going to call the turquoise/aquamarine-eyed Zoroark 'Alpha' and the brown-eyed one 'Beta'. So, with that in mind...
Hey, another moment of Beta being the dominant personality aspect. So far, Beta seems to be the 'so done!' side of Gamma. Here, Gamma is fed up with her inability to remember, and previously she was fed up with Clara's snooty attitude.
Don't worry, Gamma! Rules of drama say that at this point you'll have a flashback! ... Or we'll cut away to another part of the plot... Or we can go off rule of comedy and nothing happens, except maybe more rudeness from Clara. So, @Tehpikachu, what's it gonna be? Flashback, cutaway, or nothing. Go on.
@Woo: Line to hug Gamma starts behind you, correct? Ok, I'm getting in line.
I mean, you're more likely to remember things that just happened than memories you lost.
Aww poor Gamma... And Clara :< (last panel is so beautiful)
god i just wanna hug gamma so bad///

fuuuccck i also want to hug clara, these sorts of emotions must be some wild trip for the both of them to go through, it's not like gamma wanted to /kill/ someone

also holy shit i love the expressions and movement on this page?? i think this is my favorite page yet in that regard ;w;

p.s. i see what you did there, wednesday april 22nd was when tssb released u sneaky snek ;)

p.p.s. i still love the expressions on this page and the last panel makes me feel a plethora of emotions
Wait he can't remember? ._. !_! that means SOMETHING or someone made it forgot and only remembers killing her o_O
it is currently Thursday, April 23, 2015 within the comic. it's following the real world date from when it started, a date which you all know, because we literally just celebrated it
@Guest_3; that's actually page 50 <3
god i love you pls keep leaving comments like this
@Guest_3; oh man i love comments like this!! you've been trying to pay attention to everything i've thrown and i love that!
something you missed though -- Gamma is a female c;
Ok, revision of theory: Memory loss may not be due to fusion, is due to Atticus accidentally doing something. I mean, waking up with Atty standing over him with that expression... Atty looks horrified by something, and given he knew who Gamma was, he probably didn't just stumble onto Gamma. Which means it's likely Atticus did something. Although, it may have been helpful, as doing... whatever it was... to Gamma's memories may have helped speed the fusion along, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.
A turquoise-eyed zoroark, and a brown-eyed zoroark... and 'Gamma' has brown-turquiose heterochromia... nah, I'm sure they couldn't possibly be related.
In seriousness, I think 'Gamma' is an almost full fusion of two zoroarks. It explains the textbox color change on page 54 and why he fused with Clara: he's not fully fused and subconsciously grabbed her to try and 'complete' himself. The memory loss is due to two tangled sets of memories trying to sort themselves out.
EDIT: Oh, I see. Due to bonus pages and covers, "Pressing Issues" is comic page 50, but archive page 54. I apologize if that was confusing.
Oooh. I bet someone has him on the run or something.
Ooooooooooh mini-Story
mystery boy

i just wanna give gamma a hug ;w;
@Nashew: or y'know

is symbolic and story-driven
That one page that Tehpikachu didn't feel like coloring
Yay for double update, but still such a cliff-hanger
I am going to bed soon, maybe I wil dream about what's gonna happen next