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A far cry from the mostly humorous original NCA comic, things are very different in this one. Rated for any mature themes you could think of...especially violence and language!

Recent Comments very happy with Crystal in this much so I might actually color this one!
The original NCA is ten years old as of today..the first strip of that went up Jan 19 XD
Good Luck with that Shadow...
Brief look back into Crystal's world...and look who it is!

Everyone is alive...for now!
Holidays are over..back to comics..whee!
See you tomorrow all..have a safe, happy new years!
Had to share this. A lovely artist did this for me as part of a secret santa. I love their style!
He's in had to be done..I used the same words from a larger profile I did for him for something else as they still fit him here :)
December 16th, 2015
@xiahouan: Thankfully he's okay..but it was still one heck of a scare!
December 16th, 2015
Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your dad. I hope everything is alright.
December 14th, 2015
My dad's being admitted to this hospital...and I don't know why...whether for testing or a real issue.

I am beyond scared and worried, so pardon me for saying this..but he's more important than a comic right now.
Roy's referring to being caught in the chaos control freeze thing lol XD

(sorry for lack of updates..was gone for my dad's b-day!)
Older pic of Crystal and her dad that I wanted to share today :)
Hope to include this guy in this somehow...but I love this pic that was done for me!
Marth knows what she did... :P

Edit: Fixed a typo in panel 3, where Marth was saying "here use it before" instead of her XD
No one was hurt by the'll see! This was done this way on purpose...what she did will be revealed next comic!
Told you she'd say it soon. One can only take so much...also trolls and BS flames are not allowed, and result in an instant-ban. Keep that in mind before commenting.
She'll be saying this soon enough!

BTW..don't like how I do things? Don't read my stuff. It's that simple.
Older pic someone did for me :)