In a dark city in an alternate Mobius, crime is running rampart... and no one dares to try and stop it except for one little fox with an office on the 37th floor of the Lombard building... Miles Prowler, private eye.

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It is the year 2013. Robots rule the earth...nuff said.
It's been many years but I've returned to sprite comics and just like when I first stumbled unto them they still rock.
That's just hilarious. Class A comedy.
Man, Silver is a grade A sucker. I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell him.
XD, This is the funniest/dramatic/plot-bending COmic I've ever read! Your a great comic-maker!
It's Always Funny the Second Time
Alternate title: Take 2.
Update! Yay!
10?! XD nice, I can see something like that happening too.
Why'd she say she didn't know where Silver was when Tails said that? Just asking.
Awesome, an update! Glad to see it hasn't died! *Also does the Kirby dance*
Huzzah, the glorious return! *does the Kirby dance* ... Ok, I should REALLY stop playing Brawl so much...
I'm glad to see this update again.
Yeah!! Update!!
Not a Clue
I never knew people loved this so much. 31 fans! More than most of my other solo projects. I think...

Date Modified reads October 21st last year because I keep one comic ahead of what I post for some reason. And I just had an idea for #12 today. This webcomic is hard to write for since double-entendres can sometimes be not all that well to write.
How long has it been since you updated, oniisan.
thought I say Carmy is going to have a majer hangover
that IS not in reason... But Could happon.
where'd you go supercomputer276
Also I don't think people realize how old Blaze and Silver are, Silver's 12 at best and Blaze is maybe around that age but if Charmy's a drinker it makes sense . . . and where the hell is Sonic he's been mentioned twice!
*Fallsof of seat laughing* geez, they are a PREFECT MATCH. Silver's face is priceless! XD