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Pokemon: The Eskiea League

by Black Scyther
The story of Eskiea, a new region, literally a new region where cities are brand new. Less than 2 years old, thats the silph co. garuntee! This follows many aspiring young trainers, gym leaders and more. just wait for the next adventure to begin.
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4 Years Ago
The story of Eskiea, a new region, literally a new region where cities are brand new. Less than 2 years old, thats the silph co. garuntee! This follows many aspiring young trainers, gym leaders and more. just wait for the next adventure to begin.

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and yes, the detailing on the mainland does look like a dragon :)
The big thing I've been working on
Well this has been in the making for quite some time, and it's almost finished. Thanks to Caedius for the link to the map tutorial, much appreciated. I think this will be final for the layout of the map, Now then should I use the conventional map parts for the routes, forests, lakes etc. or should I sprite my own versions of them (that fit with the map)

I'm starting on the next page tomorrow, so till the next page and maybe the one after that in quick succession, hopefully :)
Page 15 is live!
Ah, another 14 days and some more story progression. Next page will be a simple 1 panel and some art before the last few pages.

So Jaret is basically Gary Oak/Blue. Now while it may not seem like it yet it will become more prominent that he is pretty much the typical rival, with a bit of a twist, but that'll come in some other chapter.

As for the story, we will continue with about a page of conversation between the prof. and Kyle, Then there will be a brief intermission page (not the end of chapter) before going into the final scene of the chapter (this could be longer than 20 pages)

And now for my pagely excuse on what took me so long (because I need it to feel better about myself XD). Well Blame it on life, mostly. I was focusing on something Important and now that event has passed and I can devote my time more freely. After finishin the event it was actually nice out for once so I left my Lair and went outside. Eventually It turned back and I went to work on this. I have added some more detail to the backgrounds and that took quite a bit, kinda annoying when my finger siezed up. It's all good now.

Another sub-project I've been working on is gym badges, I have done 2 and you'll be seeing one in the next chapter

if you read it all then good for you, you get a cookie. If you like the comic, be sure to give it a favorite, and feel free to rate the comic. With all that said, I know It's alot, sorry, Till The Next :)
Page 14 is live!
It's been 10 days, and i think it could be worth the wait, not if you saw how long it took me to make the page in... Anyway, we finally get a glympse of some of the lab. A display case at the start, a window with a flower box, loads of books stacked up. lots of boring stuff. At the end of the page, prof. willow is stood facing a wall. I don't know whats so interesting about it but, lets move on.

ALMOST THERE! WOOH! about 6 pages left now. and incase you missed the news update, you can read some details on where the story and plot are going. don't worry, I'm gonna have an evil team in a later chapter. so go look at that if you haven't already.

And in a week or so time I have something very special planned to show you all

Other than that, be sure to rate the comic, give it a favorite if you haven't, and leave a comment down below to say whatever you want to me. With that said, Till The Next :)
@ThatOneSpriter: Thanks, I'll aim to get every other page from here looking like this :)
This looks really nice!
@Yria: the ones on the walls of the houses are intended to be like that for the 3D effect, all the other lines are fine
ISTAS. The lines arent straight! XD.
Page 13 is live!
He won't stop oving but this is the last full page, probably, where she has a fit. The other pages will have dialouge between more main characters, in that area of eskeia, before we move on to the second chapter. More than two pages left now. lets do this!

other than that this page was just to test out backgrounds and detailling. let me know how those parts turned out and how i could improve on them.

Be sure to rate the comic. leave a comment with your thoughts, any suggestions or just to say that you like how it's going and if you haven't already, please favorite the comic to show your support. With that said, Till The Next. :)
Page 12 is live!
Well the title is pretty odd...

Other than that this page shows what happens when you call an adolescent a kid. it's annoying and you resent everyone who says it orexpresses it in a situation...

Now you may have been wondering where I went and why this wasn't up a week ago like i said it would on the last page. Basically after coming off vacation I did make the layout and the characters but had no inspiration for the dialouge, due to this and other distractions i didn't get the time to finish it off and this is well overdue. Was it worth the wait?

Anyway, be sure to rate the comic, it really helps, favorite it if you haven't already and be sure to comment and leave me your thoughts. With that said, Till The Next. :)
@Caedius: Ps it is very time consuming.
@Black Scyther: might i suggest this guide-
@Caedius: it's a joke on hospital wifi and that of wifi in the countryside :)
@Caedius: yeah, i know what you mean, it's a WIP and i apperciate any advice that is given, thanks :)
I didn't think it was possible, but he somehow has a worse WIFI signal than ME, and that is saying A LOT.
Just a tip for the next time you make a map, try to keep away from using the pre-existing shapes on paint, no natural piece of land has sharp turns like on the left hand side of the main island. I'm not trying to be mean, Just trying to help
@SilverGamer56: he's gonna come back in a later chapter, not the next one but soon, along with josh, maybe they'll both battle each other XD
Wait... Another chapter? Then I still have a chance...
page 11 is live!
well this concludes the battle with silver and josh meeting in the centre of the battlefield and shaking hands, other than that, josh gives silver some advice. He willtake that advice into account and I look forward to using them again in another chapter later on.

If you would like to have your character in the comic like ThatOneSpriter and SilverGamer56, you two are always welcome to send more if you want :), to:

Other than that this is the last comic of may. Don't worry there are still a few pages left till the chapter finishes, I will be away from saturday for a full week sodon't expect any updates till then. With that said, dont forget to favorite if you haven't yet and a ratingis always appreciated. Till the next :)
Page 10 is live
well after a bit more than a week we have a clear winner. This will be the format for all battles as you guys can decide who should win the 'random' battles :)

So this section will conclude with a farewell between the 2 characters and then they'll go their seprate ways. if any of you noticed that the scoring was loosely based on the pokemon anime contest's then have a cookie.

On a final note, aside from being really busy, i will upload the next page and be absent for around a week, remember to rate it, favorite the comic if you are enjoying it so far and share it with fiends who like these kinds of things too. thanks for reading the page and till the next :)